I"m confused about how the charging of the Proto frostbite works. Nuclear Throne Wikia says the portal charges by soaking up rads, but I"m killing adversaries near the statue and also the rads won"t move towards it. Exactly how do ns make it absorb rads and also give me a Crown Vault portal?


There space three steps compelled to activate the Proto frosting portal to go to the Crown Vault:

Inactive Proto Statue


When you very first see a proto statue, it"ll it is in in the inactive state shown above. Deal at least 40 clues of damage to the statue come activate it because that charging.

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Active Proto Statue


Once the statue has been activated, it"ll begin pulling in rads from opponents defeated around the statue. Together it collects rads, the lights roughly the side of the statue will certainly fill up. If the frostbite is ruined before soaking up the 24 rads required to fully charge, it"ll autumn all soaked up rads.

Charged Proto Statue


Once the statue is charged, ruin it to open up the portal to the crown vault. Keep in mind that when charged, the frostbite will proceed to absorb rads (these are lost).

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