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While not the shortest track on of Monsters and Men"s Beneath the Skin,"Black Water" may have actually the fewest distinct lines of any song ~ above the album. In fact, no counting recurring choruses and also lines, there are only 54 distinctive words in the whole song!The nine track ~ above Beneath the Skin is, however, still an extremely interesting and also fits well with the theme arisen throughout every one of the album: the accept of elements nature imparts to human being identity-a marrying of human world with nature"s wildness.

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In this song, co-vocalists Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir and also Ragnar "Raggi" þórhallsson sing together in a duet that offers extra power to the concepts in the lyrics. The music itself is no as folk-based as most of the song on Beneath the Skin,but it eventually stays true come Of Monsters and Men"s style-haunting vocals, soaring harmonies, and also crashing climactic symbols, sprinkled everywhere with abundant nature-based symbolism that provides the track an epic and also mythical atmosphere.

"Black Water" lyrics Meaning

The title "Black Water" is ominously foreboding. Civilization drink water to obtain nourishment, yet black water has numerous connotations-all including to a call for danger. Water infected by one oil spill, black color water together waste water, and treacherous water perceived at night in the dark space all black color water no safe because that humans. In addition, the more one dives right into the ocean, the darker and also blacker and much more mysterious the water gets. "Black Water" should be beneficial as most water is, but it isn"t. All of this argues that "Black Water" is going come be around something undependable and treacherous.

In the very first verse, Raggi and also Nanna sing, "I require nothing / To travel the sea /I require nothing /I require nothing." The sea is a dark and lonely place, and one deserve to be alone the end there for a lengthy time without meeting anyone else. Of Monsters and also Men is do the efforts to communicate that traveling "the sea" alone is possible, however not desirable. Not needing noþeles or everyone isn"t illustrated as a desirable state on other songs top top the album (like in "I that the Storm" as soon as the protagonists desires desperately to it is in needed). In the image they have actually created, they seem come be swim in the s alone, away from community with others. (While it"s unrealistic the someone would pick to do so, this imageincreases the mythical symbolism the is of Monsters and also Men"s signature style.)

"But," castle say, "there"s other / eating at me." as soon as they obtain too much out to sea and away indigenous safety, they realize the they do need something else. Things haven"t gone fairly as planned, and also they asking the "lack water" come "ake over." The "lack water" seems to signify adark component of themselves-a component with the power necessary to keep themfrom being bothered through their very own loneliness and also the threats that loneliness pipeline them exposed to.

In the chorus, Nanna sings, "Swallowed by a vicious, vengeful sea /Darker days are raining end me." She"s drowning and surrounded by darkness. Life is a scary and also overwhelming ar where, "n the deepest depths," she loses herself. She"s no really certain who she is in the challenge of all of these difficulties she"s facing. She have the right to only seek to recognize herself by looking through someone else"s eyes since she"s too lost to she own identity to be able to objectively understand it: "I watch myself v someone else." (This could also be a reference to how she demands other human being to really have the ability to understand herself.)

In the second verse, Nanna and also Raggi song that "he strange quiet /Surrounding me /Grows closer /Feels colder." your loneliness has intensified, and also they need aid now more than ever. However, they"re "ready / To endure the sea." They"ve resigned us to your fate and ask the overpowering "lack water" come "ake over" because that them. In the challenge of a dark vastness, they expropriate the darkness come numb themselves a while and also to outlast the sea.

The song continues with a leg instrumental and also three an ext choruses, ending in "I watch myself through someone else," again saying that perhaps other human being are required to truly have the ability to escape the sea and also the darkness.

What walk Of Monsters and Men"s "Black Water" really mean?

"Black Water" is particularly an overwhelming to understand, however it seems to be from the point-of-view the a depressed and also lonely person. The person"s sex doesn"t matter (suggested by just how both genders help to song the song), but what does issue is that this person, instead of seeking assist for your depression, actually goes more into the darkness to shot to escape.

He/she cruised out top top the sea alone and also left rather behind. Then, loneliness attacked, and the person knew he/she to be alone, therefore she tried to obtain power from that loneliness. She even tried to come to be that loneliness-that empty and powerful "dark water." yet these actions leave the human lost and also unknown through others. He/she"s gone also deep and also really requirements someone to traction him/her the end of the ocean.

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The story told here is prefer the one told in mr of the ring (and countless other stories) in which plenty of are tempted to usage the One Ring to loss the adversary when, in fact, the Ring is actually the tool of the enemy and also is slowly betraying those who usage it into more evil and addiction to darkness. Of course, that Monsters and also Men might be going because that something completely different...but the analogy does seem to work. The characters in "Black Water" both look for solace in darkness and also it doesn"t seem come be helping them come any much better of a place.

What carry out you think that my concept for "Black Water" by Of Monsters and also Men? execute you think it"s about depression and loneliness? What"d friend think the the track as a whole? thanks for reading!

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Hi! I"m a college writing facility director who teaches literary works classes and also loves helping others to know the deeper meanings of your favorite songs. I"m married to mine beautiful mam April and also love Twenty One Pilots, Mumford & Sons, Kishi Bashi, and so numerous others!

Hi! I"m a university writing facility director that teaches literary works classes and loves helping rather to recognize the deeper meanings of their favorite songs. I"m married to mine beautiful wife April and love Twenty One Pilots, Mumford & Sons, Kishi Bashi, and so numerous others!

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