“Mystery that Love” is one of two songs created by Sufjan Stevens for the soundtrack the the 2017 movie ‘Call Me By her Name’. The film’s director, Luca Guadagnino, originally… check out More 

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Oh, to watch without mine eyesThe first time that you kissed meBoundless by the moment I criedI constructed your walls roughly meWhite noise, what an horrible soundFumbling through Rogue RiverFeel mine feet above the groundHand of God, deliver meOh, five woe-oh-woah is meThe first time that you touched meOh, will wonders ever cease?Blessed be the an enig of loveLord, ns no longer believeDrowned in life watersCursed by the love that i receivedFrom mine brother's daughterLike Hephaestion, that diedAlexander's loverNow mine riverbed has actually driedShall I discover no other?
Oh, oh woe-oh-woah is meI'm running favor a ploverNow I'm vulnerable to miseryThe birthmark on her shoulder reminds meHow much sorrow deserve to I take?Blackbird on mine shoulderAnd what distinction does that makeWhen this love is over?Shall ns sleep within her bed?River the unhappinessHold her hands upon my headTill ns breathe my critical breathOh, five woe-oh-woah is meThe last time the you touch meOh, will wonders ever before cease?Blessed it is in the an enig of love
“Mystery of Love” is among two songs composed by Sufjan Stevens for the soundtrack of the 2017 film ‘Call Me By your Name’. The film’s director, Luca Guadagnino, initially commissioned Stevens come write just one song, vice versa, Stevens wrote 2 (and remixed piano version of his formerly released song, “Futile Devices.”)

On January 23, 2018, “Mystery the Love” was nominated because that the Academy award for finest Original Song. Stevens also performed the track at the awards ceremony v St. Vincent, Moses Sumney, kris Thile, and frequent collaborators Casey Foubert and also James McAlister.

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Guadagnino in an interview with 4:3 film said:

I approached Sufjan and also told him around the film and also navigated him v the principles that i had. It was quite a long process that ended up with him saying the he was happy to execute not one song however two. However he additionally made united state an plan of “Futile Devices” for piano, which was beautiful.

“Mystery the Love” was likewise featured in the trailer for the film.

It is probable the an earlier version of the track was intended for relax either ~ above Stevens" 2015 album, Carrie & Lowell, or his 2017 mixtape, The best Gift. This is because of the abundant lyrical referrals to the state that Oregon, the state which came to be the dramatic backdrop and also focus for Carrie & Lowell.

In a December 2017 interview v Deadline, Stevens described the symbolism behind the song’s recommendations to birds and also why he frequently uses castle for incentive for his work:

Maybe castle a prize of freedom; pure freedom. Occasionally I feeling so trapped by heaviness . I’ve constantly been obsessed through the sacred and with the profound, and also I think birds room these divine creatures, due to the fact that they can escalate to the heavens. In these physical bodies, trapped to the ground, I just feel prefer we have to reckon v the truth of the world and also our mortality. For me, birds feel favor symbols of pure freedom and also transcendence.

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Mystery of Love (90th Academy Awards Performance) by Sufjan Stevens (Ft. Casey Foubert, Chris Thile, James McAlister, Moses Sumney & St. Vincent)
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