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The Chinese the this Chinese Story "The Old guy Under the Moon--Yue Xia Lao Ren" is 月下老人 and Pin Yin yuè xià lǎo rén. The various other name of this story is "The Engaging Inn"--Ding Hun Dian(订婚店)。
During Tang empire in China, there lived a young guy named Wei Gu (韦固) who shed his parents at his early age. Together a bankrupt nobleman, he had been make the efforts to improve his instance through marriage, however he failure every time since no officials to be willing to marry their daughter to a bad man prefer him.snowy hairOne year, as soon as he travel to tune city, a friend suggested that the would present him to the daughter of the deputy market of the Qing that County and also made one appointment with him in ~ the forecourt that Lung Xing temple (龙兴寺) at daybreak next morning. Wei Gu was really anxious and woke up far before daybreak.

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When he came down on the temple, nobody to be there but an old male with snowy hair and also beard leaning versus a large cloth bag, sitting on the step, and also reading a thick publication in the bright moonlight. Curious around what the is reading, Wei Gu approached the old man and took a look in ~ the book, however to his surprise, he could not understand a single character on it.Wei Gu can not help asking the old man, “Sir, what is the publication that you are reading? Why walk it have actually so many strange characters?”"It is a Heavenly Book. How deserve to you check out it?" the old guy replied v a smile."Really? what is it about?""This is the marriage record of every the people in the world.”Overjoyed in ~ what that heard, Wei Gu wasted no time to ask about his marriage with the daughter that the deputy market of the Qing that County.After check his book, the old male said, "I"m fear it won"t woke out. It is no your time. Your wife currently is only three year old, and she will marry friend in fourteen years." that turned around, patting the cloth bag, and continued, "see, inside space red strings which will tie increase the feet that future couples as shortly as they are born. So no matter how much they are apart, or no matter how various in position, they will ultimately be attracted together through the red string and get married. Young man, her feet have been tied, why take all the problem to seek your match? "Wei Gu was an extremely disappointed, however he was still curious about his would-be wife"s family.The old guy said, "She is the daughter of an elderly woman by the surname Chen marketing vegetables next to your inn. Allow me display you."Following the old man, Wei Gu got to a shabby hut, inside which he witnessed that one old woman remote in one eye was transporting a small girl in her arms, and also that both of them to be in dirty rags.Shocked through this, Wei Gu begged the old man, "Sir, space there any way to change my marriage?""I"m afraid not. The is a fate enhance which no one is able to change.""What if I kill her!" shouted Wei Gu.The old man shook his head, "She is destined to marry you. How can you death her", and also then the disappeared.Wei Gu to be so furious from shame the he lost his mind. Running back to his inn, acquisition his sword, breaking right into the shabby hut, Wei Gu stabbed the little girl and also then fled in the cries of the old woman.Wei Gu did not dare come go earlier to his hometown, instead, he join the army under a false name. Fourteen year later, he was appointed together a high ranking main for gallantry in combat and won acknowledgment from the provincial branch who provided his daughter come him together a wife.The bride was exceptionally beautiful and docile, hence Wei Gu loved her very much. Yet, ~ a few days, he discovered that his bride had actually a strange habit that she constantly wore a head ornament between her brows and also would no take the off even when she washed she face. ~ his recurring requests, his bride told that the reason:She was, in fact, not the actual daughter the the governor yet his niece. Once she was really young, she parents passed far one ~ the other, and also her nanny a half blind old woman raised her until his uncle adopted her. Throughout she living v her nanny, one day a crazy man broke in and stabbed her at the center of she brows, which did no cause negative wound however made a scar. Therefore she had actually to use the ornament come cover it.Hearing this, Wei Gu finally believed what the old man had actually said.He sighed, "Everything is the result of destiny. You cannot fight it."The Background and Comment:
This Chinese story is from "The other Record of Spirit and Devil Stories", a publication written in Tang empire which collected many Chinese tales and also ghost stories.In the past,this story was regularly used to prove the power of fate and that marital relationship comes by destiny,but currently rare civilization really believe that.This story. However,is quiet told from time come time , and the word of "The Old man Under the Moon" is also used to describe anyone that acts as matchmaker between a man and also a woman.