About One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer

"One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer" (or "One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer") is a blues song written by Rudy Toombs and also recorded by Amos Milburn in 1953. It is one of several drink songs recorded by Milburn in the beforehand 1950s that inserted in the top ten that the Billboard R&B chart. Other artists released renowned recordings that the song, consisting of John Lee Hooker in 1966 and George Thorogood in 1977.

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Want to tell friend a storyAbout the house-man bluesI come residence one FridayHad to tell the landlady I"da lost my jobShe said that don"t confront meLong as I gain my money following FridayNow following Friday come i didn"t obtain the rentAnd the end the door ns wentSo i goes to the landladyI stated you allow me slide?I"ll have the rent because that you in a monthNext i don"t knowSo said let me on slide it on you recognize peopleI notification when ns come house in the eveningShe ain"t got nothing nice come say come meBut for 5 year she was so niceLoh" she to be lovy-dovyI come house one particular eveningThe landlady claimed you got the rent money yet?I said no, can"t uncover no jobTherefore i ain"t got no money to pay the rentShe said I don"t believe you"re tryin" to find no jobSaid I watched you now you was standin" ~ above a cornerLeaning up against a postI said however I"m tired, I"ve to be walkin" every dayShe stated that don"t confront meLong together I get my money next FridayNow following Friday come ns didn"t have actually the rentAnd out the door ns wentSo i go down the streetsDown come my an excellent friend"s houseI said look guy I"m outdoors friend knowCan I remain with you possibly a couple days?He said let me go and ask mine wifeHe come the end of the houseI might see that in his faceI recognize that was noHe claimed I don"t recognize man ah she kinda funny, you knowI claimed I know, anyone funny, currently you funny tooSo i go back homeI tell the landlady I obtained a job, I"m gonna salary the rentShe stated yeah, I said oh yeahAnd then she was so niceLoh" she to be lovy-dovySo ns go in mine room, load up my things and also I goI on slide on the end the back door and also down the streets I goShe a-howlin" about the former rent, she"ll be lucky to obtain any back rentShe ain"t gonna obtain none of itSo I prevent in the neighborhood bar you know peopleI go to the bar, i ring mine coat, I speak to the bartenderSaid look at man, come down here, he got down thereSo what girlfriend want?One bourbon, one scotch, one beerWell i ain"t seen my baby because I don"t understand whenI"ve to be drinking bourbon, whiskey, scotch and ginGonna obtain high man I"m gonna gain looseNeed me a triple shoot of the juiceGonna get drunk don"t you have no fearI desire one bourbon, one scotch and also one beerOne bourbon, one scotch, one beerBut I"m sitting currently at the barI"m acquiring drunk, I"m feelin" mellowI"m drinkin" bourbon, I"m drinkin" scotch, I"m drinkin" beerLooked down the barHere come the bartenderI claimed look man, come under hereSo what friend want?One bourbon, one scotch, one beerNo i ain"t seen my baby due to the fact that the night prior to lastGotta get a drink male I"m gonna get gassedGonna obtain high man I ain"t had enoughNeed me a triple shoot of that stuffGonna get drunk won"t girlfriend listen right hereI want one bourbon, one shot and one beerOne bourbon, one scotch, one beerYeahScratch mine back, babyAhNow by this time I"m plenty highYou recognize when your mouth a-getting dried You"re lot of highLooked under the bar i say to mine bartenderI said look man, come down here, he gained down thereSo what you desire this time?I stated look man, a-what time is it?He said the clock ~ above the wall surface say three o"clockLast speak to for alcoholSo what you need?One bourbon, one scotch, one beerNo i ain"t watched my baby due to the fact that a nigh" and a weekGotta get drunk male "til ns can"t also speakGonna acquire high man listen come meOne drink ain"t sufficient Jack you much better make it threeI want to get drunk I"m gonna make it actual clearI desire one bourbon, one scotch and one beerOne bourbon, one scotch, one beer

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George Thorogood George Thorogood (born February 24, 1950) is an American blues rock vocalist/guitarist native Wilmington, Delaware, united States, known for his hit song "Bad to the Bone" as well as for covers of blues requirements such as Hank Williams" "Move it On Over" and John Lee Hooker"s "House rental Boogie/One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer," and Bo Diddley"s "Who execute You Love?". An ext »