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Story and also Summary-

Saitama is on the bed analysis the manga and also Genos is researching Saitama’s various training approaches who renders him stronger than him. Genos is sketching and evaluating every move of the master. Saitama is annoyed on this thing with Genos and also asked that what is he doing. That tells the he is concentrating on his moves and also training approaches to disclose the clues of his endless power generation factors.

The cyborg is pointing out some concerns about the inactivity of class C Heroes indigenous last few days and also the association will strike ~ above those heroes who will it is in inactive much more than a mainly from their registry in the main Hero Administration. Saitama is shocked with the new rules and regulations for this reason he walk on patrolling prior to the critical day come for inactivity. Though he to be on his critical day since he was inactive indigenous last 6 days. Saitama to run here and there in the city in search on any kind of bad person. Genos wants to go with Saitama yet he refuse by telling that he will train himself much more stronger.

As Saitama is running in the city the finds speed O Sound Sonic to work out their ahead rivalry. Saitama ignores the by saying the he is looking who else for today and also he will accomplish him tomorrow. Sonic in anger and also ignorance starts attack on buildings and also people to obtain the fist of Saitama. Sonic attacks of Saitama v his sword however the knife is damaged when Saitama bites his weapon. This time too, Sonic feels the he is unmatched versus Saitama and also they both are on the street.

Another hero named Tanktop Tiger that is higher ranked than Saitama is approached come them. The is there due to the fact that a tiny girl insurance claims that Saitama was to run in the city and disturbing her. Tanktop Tiger is heading towards them and the group is cheering because that him because he was a greater ranked Hero. That starts talking through Saitama but Sonic strikes on Tanktop Tiger and also he is lying on the ground ~ one assault from Sonic. The entirety crowd starts to run after the town hall the problem of Tanktop Tiger.

Sonic creates an additional havoc in the area to obtain the fist of Saitama. Sonic picks a car and going come crush a tiny child but saved by Saitama. Saitama punched Sonic and he is crushed ~ above the road in a big ditch. Saitama realize that he had done the hero point after knocking under Sonic in the city. Saitama visited home and he gained the news that a mysterious biology is skulking around in the city who stays in Z-City. All the world are advised to stay in your house and A Class golden Ball and Spring Mustachio are sent out to that area.

Both golden Ball and Spring Mustachio space patrolling in the Z-City area and also searching because that the secret creature. They additionally heard a rumor that a dangerous monster is living in the area and suddenly they realize a thing is passed behind them. They began chasing the thing and also reached in a street where Kombu Infinity is stand in former of them. On the various other hand, Kombu Infinity said that he also heard part rumors the a an effective group of monster in the city.

Golden round starts make his attitude to strike on the Kombu Infinity and also attacks through a stone thrower but Kombu conserved himself indigenous the attack. Gold Ball is gripped with the great of Kombu and can’t totally free himself. Golden Ball is thrown right into the ditch aside street and also fall down from a an excellent height, he is badly injured. Spring Mustachio is currently preparing because that the fight against Kombu Infinity and draws his sword. The takes a an excellent fight with Kombu Infinity however realize that he can’t enhance him. That dials because that reinforcements and defeated after a while.

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Kombu Infinity to be upset because his opponents were therefore weak against him and also he stated that the rumor was true together the Heroes space weak. Saitama is returning from some shopping and also Kombu i found it him. That thinks that he is a normal person and nothing else. Lock both stalking every other and Kombu attacks on Saitama. The step cuts and also Saitama is food preparation Kombu soup together Genos gotten in in the kitchen. Genos tells the there is a huge amount that Kombu in ~ home and also Saitama replies there to be a discount on Kombo this day in the market.