S3 · E1 · prefer You favor an Arsonist

5 Oct 2005

In the 3rd season premiere, we finally discover Dan's fate... More

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S3 · E2 · indigenous the leaf of the Deep environment-friendly Sea

12 Oct 2005

Brooke has an end of the summer party on the beach. As... More

S3 · E3 · an initial Day ~ above a Brand brand-new Planet

19 Oct 2005

Nathan asks Haley for a feasible divorce. Lucas tells Dan... More

S3 · E4 · an effort to guideline The Scales

26 Oct 2005

It's Halloween in Tree Hill and also everybody is celebrating at... More

S3 · E5 · A Mulititude the Casualties

2 Nov 2005

The Ravens start basketball practice. Brand-new team captain... More

S3 · E6 · Locked Hearts and Hand Grenades

9 Nov 2005

Brooke makes a "Fantasy young Draft," after every one of the... More

S3 · E7 · Champagne for My actual Friends, and also Real Pain for My Sham Friends

16 Nov 2005

The fantasy draft dates begin, Lucas finds self with... More

S3 · E8 · The Worst Day because Yesterday

30 Nov 2005

As the town readies for the Ravens' an initial basketball game,... More

S3 · E9 · how a Resurrection really Feels

7 Dec 2005

It is revealed the Lucas knows that tried to death Dan and also he... More

S3 · E10 · Brave brand-new World

11 january 2006

Lucas and Peyton take a road trip together to find Ellie.... More

S3 · E11 · Return of the Future

18 january 2006

The Ravens shed their 2nd game in a row, therefore Whitey... More

S3 · E12 · I've Got desires to Remember

25 january 2006

As the students accomplish with the school counselor to plan for... More

S3 · E13 · The Wind That go out My heart Away

1 Feb 2006

A violent rainstorm knocks out the strength in Tree Hill,... More

S3 · E14 · every Tomorrow's Parties

8 Feb 2006

Brooke is required to grow up in a hurry as soon as her trip to a... More

S3 · E15 · simply Watch The Fireworks

15 Feb 2006

When who unleashes the students' time capsule upon Tree... More

S3 · E16 · With exhausted Eyes, worn down Minds, tired Souls, us Slept

1 Mar 2006

Due come the aftermath of the relax of the moment capsule,... More

S3 · E17 · who Will Survive, and What will certainly Be Left of Them

29 Mar 2006

The results of the school shooting and also the death of Jimmy... More

S3 · E18 · once It Isn't favor It have to Be

5 Apr 2006

Rachel invites the corridor for a weekend getaway at her... More

S3 · E19 · ns Slept with Someone In loss Out Boy and also All I obtained Was This Stupid tune Written around Me

12 Apr 2006

Lucas attempts to play in the an initial game ~ Keith's... More

S3 · E20 · everyday Is a Sunday Evening

19 Apr 2006

Nathan deals with a player who is a competitor both on and also off... More

S3 · E21 · over the Hills and also Far Away

26 Apr 2006

Haley argues about her wedding dress with Brooke during the... More

S3 · E22 · The display Must go On

3 may 2006

Nathan worries around Haley as they prepare come renew their... More


S3 · E8 · The Worst Day...Which is the track that plays as soon as Mouth is presenting the crow players prior to the match? more
S3 · E10 · Brave new Worldwhat the song once mouth and rachel speak to each other then brooke breaks them up. More
S3 · E22 · The display Must go OnWhat is the surname of the song once karen tells dan that she’s pregnant? more




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