If we would stop and let the sound all around be heard, we would be able to hear music. The trees, wind, animals and also people make sounds the music.

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People indigenous Africa made sound on the ships that brought them to this nation to it is in slaves. Sounds were unknown but it relocated through the world on these ships with the souls the men. Music retained them strong for the unknown pilgrimage ahead. They go not understand where they to be going. This music comforted them in chains and also in fear of lands unknown. This music maintained a people and it will keep a nation.

Music share joy, pain and also it build hope because that tomorrow. Regularly slaves met in secret places. They would listen to each various other as lock sang, climate repeat the words. Indigenous were new to them, yet they sang music that they made with clapping hands, foot tapping, any sound, to make music and also these song lasted. ~ above plantations songs were warnings. The spirituals linked slaves with others to lug the messages. Hard problems were lighter with songs. “My house is over Jordan,” “It’s Me, five Lord” and “Wade in the Water, Children.” guys on chain gangs sang together they worked. The heavy load was made lighter by songs.

My mommy sang songs as she to wash 20 tons of clothing per week. Ns love come hear the old songs. Ns recall hearing Mr. Howard Daniel sing and I talked with my longtime friend about his year of singing almost everywhere this good county. Right here is what the said:

“By way of an introduction, I thrived up going to church, and also still routinely attend, and that was the start of my trip in the world of music. I actually began by to sing songs, solo, from the hymnal and also did that v my whole career. Hymns space still one-of-a-kind to me.

Then ns was presented to the world’s good classical music repertoire — symphony opera, oratorio, art songs native the Italian and French composers, along with sweet lieder from the Germans.

Part-time, significant study in brand-new York and Los Angeles helped construct a sensibly diverse method to my love that music. The spoken word is just one of the best mediums, yet I believe music is monumental to the person soul, every types. I personally think the music is the only art type that comes descending from, and also ascending come Heaven.

Along through the good compositions that us know and also appreciate, over there is another simpler strategy to the ascending and also descending glory of music and that is the American black Spiritual. In ~ the time and without having musical or vocal training, lock have developed some the the many beautiful laments “Sweet Lil’ Jesus Boy,” plaintive wonderment, “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot,” thank you very much pleas, “I desire Jesus to Walk with Me” and also joyous celebrations the life, “Rock my heart in the Bosom of Abraham” to name a few. Countless of these now are published in today’s hymnals and also should be sung in solemn event of Black background Month.”

Music is healing to the soul of man. If there to be no music in the world, wherein would this people be?

The Rev. Bettie Kennedy is the winner the Angelina award bestowed throughout the Lufkin/Angelina County room of Commerce’s yearly banquet in January 2012 in respect of her life time of community company to Angelina County.

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