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Theatrical party punk quartet Panic! at The Disco is earlier with a brand new album and is an ext theatrical than ever! 2018 will check out the outfit struggle the roadway in assistance of 6th studio album Pray because that the Wicked. Led through guy-liner ringmaster and primary songwriter Brandon Urie, panic is renowned for its quirky blend of synth bops, baroque pop and also poetic lyrics.

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The boys infuse your live reflects with as much energy, bravado and also vaudville-esque showmanship together showcased in their relentlessly catchy tunes. Singing your killer hooks, Urie can often be uncovered in velvet, leopard publish or sequins, playing up to his master-of-ceremonies function with enough gusto come overshadow Liberace himself. Life is a twisted, yet fun cabaret!


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Jean Conner: “PANIC in ~ AMERICAN airline CENTER”

This was the 4th Panic at The Disco concert i have actually attended. Brendon Urie\"s... More

Anna-Marie : “Amazing - that man can sing”

I just became conscious of Panic due to the fact that of mine 13 yo daughter. She wanted... More


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