During Monday's illustration of his Let's Go! podcast, the 44-year-old quarterback joked to co-host Jim Gray about putting his father, Tom Brady Sr.,"in a home" ~ the elder Brady stated he feel vindicated seeing his son win the Super bowl LIV with the Tampa only Buccaneers after ~ leaving the new England Patriots.

"I've actually ready a statement that I want to say, and it's yes, really all the I need to say on the subject," Brady playfully began. "Comments do by thomas Edward Brady, a 77-year-old insurance firm CEO, who should know far better at this point in his life, don't have to reflect the see or positions organized by his son, thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr. Therefore furthermore, must Tom Sr. Continue to speak out on instead of of his child without the express composed consent, small reserves the best to eventually put him in a home against his will. That's all I have to say."

However, Brady easily clarified the he was just poking fun, call his mister the "greatest dad in the world."

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While showing up on the Patriots talk Podcast, Brady Sr. Stated that Boston will certainly forever host a special ar in your hearts.

"Very nostalgic," Brady Sr. Said of returning to the city because that the game. "That to be our residence for 20 years. The fans adopted Tommy, the city taken on Tommy and the team embraced Tommy for a while. And so, once he comes home it's gonna it is in a real treat the he spent twenty years making his note in Boston. We owe a lot come the Patriots and also a lot come Boston."

"Like every phase in life, things relocate on. Our kids get older, our youngsters move on," he explained. "They relocate out that the house, they walk elsewhere. And also that's kind of what it's prefer for Tommy right currently where he's moved elsewhere and also wherever he is, we support our kids, and also Tommy's no different than the remainder of us."

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