In what is quickly benaipublishers.coming an apocalyptic turn of events, Ulf Andersson, the former co-owner the Starbreeze Studios and the long-running voice actor and model for PAYDAY 2, announced that he would certainly no much longer be functioning on the co-operative heist franchise.

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It to be announced earlier this year that Ulf would stay as a consultant to Overkill and also the Starbreeze board while reprising his roles as wolf in the PAYDAY franchise.

But amidst all the drama enveloping the co-op shooter, Andersson announced on facebook that he will be functioning on a brand-new venture through 10 Chambers Collective. “It’s sad, the has actually been awesome and I had actually tons of funny both designing PD/PD2 and also recording Wolf,” that wrote.

Andersson added that anyone v “the hots because that hardcore co-operative gaming” would certainly be intrigued by his new project, back nothing has actually been announced past it gift a co-operative experience.

Lime_Snacks our aim for the an initial one is hardcore FPS coop, it’s an extremely close come our hearts.

— Ulf Andersson (


While ns mindful of starting a politics sh*tfight, Overkills monitoring of this reminds me of a recently deposed Aussie PM.

The pay-to-win point was a bad idea to begin with, however it’s CLEAR together DAY the it’s a naipublishers.complete disaster now.There’s no means earn ago enough money from selling those boxes come undo the damage that’s to be done come the studios reputation and the good will harboured towards the franchise.

The human being have spoken, the people are pissed, APOLOGISE and also FIX IT. You’re no going to success anyone over v the non-argument the these boxes space a an excellent idea, you’re simply doing lots of damages to your brand.

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Some human being have speculated the the basic game can be walking F2P in ~ the finish of the Crimefest return considering they space still offering the video game for 4.99 that seems prefer a it is in unlikely, you would be pretty uncomfortable to have actually bought the game and have castle announce F2P the following day.

transientmind says:

As annoyed together looking front to a cost-free reward and finding out that your ‘reward’ is a pay2win microtransaction system that the developers promised you’d never, ever see in their game?

Give them some credit because that catastrophically bad decision-making, they’ve earn it.