These athletes — photographed at the Olympic media summit in in march -- will complete to stand for the United says at the Rio de Janeiro Games.

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These athletes — photographed at the Olympic media summit in march — will compete to represent the United says at the Rio de Janeiro Games.
  Simone Manuel, 19, will complete in her 2nd Olympic trials this summer in Omaha, specializing in the 50- and 100-meter freestyle and the 400 freestyle relay. Manuel attends Stanford yet redshirted this season come train because that the Games. She will joined in ~ Stanford by Katie Ledecky; the 2 are good friends. Jonathan Newton/The Washington short article


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OMAHA — Ryan Lochte and also Michael Phelps an initial faced each other in the 200-meter separation, personal, instance medley, as ideal they have the right to recall, in 2003, when they were still teenagers. They will meet again Friday night together 31-year-old men, for what will be one of two people the last or next-to-last time. In ~ stake: berths in the exact same race in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics and also the possibility to add to your prodigious medal hauls.

“It’s one of the greatest rivalries in sports, me and him,” said Lochte, 31, who owns 11 Olympic medals to Phelps’s 22. “Any possibility I can acquire up ~ above those blocks and race the is an honor.”

Swimming in separate heats, Lochte (1:56.71) and Phelps (1:57.61) finished 1-2 in the semifinals the the 200 im on Thursday night, and neither appeared to be going all-out. Lochte has been slowed by a strained groin muscle the affects him particularly in the breaststroke leg. Phelps had actually a large lead and also eased up substantially at the end of his race.

Phelps, that turned 31 Thursday and has claimed he will certainly retire after the Rio Olympics, has won the event in the last three Olympics, when Lochte winner it in ~ the 2015 civilization Championships, once Phelps was under suspension by USA swim for a DUI arrest.

have gone ago and soon a number of times in this race, and also during the huge meets us have great races,” Phelps said. “We’re ideal there next to each other tomorrow in the center of the pool. . . . The going to be good. We’re walking to be out and step top top the gas a little more than in the past, and we’ll have actually a pretty an excellent race.”

McLean’s Andrew Seliskar (1:59.86) perfect eighth in the semis to earn a point out in the final.

Bayer places third

Cassidy Bayer approached Thursday’s last of the 200-meter butterfly emboldened by the method she was swimming and also her potential to go faster. Though the 16-year-old indigenous Alexandria’s ideal time in the event was 2:07.97, she intended to cut that down substantially — and also make the team.

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“I felt yes, really confident,” Bayer said. “I assumed that a high 2:06 — I’m qualified of it. It just didn’t play out together I wanted.”

Bayer took the gyeongju out fast and also led ~ one length. “I knew I’d take it the end quickly,” she said. Through the midway point, Hali Flickinger had passed her, and also her third 50-meter big was just sixth-best in the eight-woman race. In the end, 2012 Olympian Cammile Adams winner in 2:06.80, with Flickinger second and Bayer in the most daunting spot – 3rd in 2:08.68. “It’s still tough,” Bayer said an ext than one hour after the race. “I nothing know. I guess it simply wasn’t expected to be.” . . .

Defending Olympic champion Nathan Adrian winner the men’s 100 totally free in 47.72, v Caeleb Dressel earning the second spot in Rio at 48.23. Additionally earning 4x100 complimentary relay spots to be Ryan hosted (48.26) and also Anthony Ervin (48.54). Ervin, 35, is the oldest challenger in the Olympic Trials and also becomes the second-oldest U.S. Swimmer to do the Olympics, behind Jason Lezak, that was 36 in 2012. . . .

Andrew Wilson of Bethesda finished 4th in the final of the men’s 200 breast, despite a an individual best time the 2:09.35, absent a clues on the Olympic team by simply over a second. He additionally fell quick in the 100 chest Monday. . . .

Six-time Olympic medalist Matt Grevers finished 14th in the 200 ago Thursday morning, however withdrew prior to the semis and indicated he was stepping away from compete swimming. He just missed a clues on the Olympic team Tuesday in the 100 back.

Twelve-time Olympic medalist Natalie Coughlin perfect 11th in the semifinals that the women’s 100 free, and also now has only the 50 cost-free left in her hopes of making her fourth Olympic team.