After the Bellator 220 main card activity was kicked turn off by lightweights Gaston Bolanos and also Nathan Stolen, we got to the large boys at light heavyweight because that a rematch.

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In November 2016, “Mr. Wonderful” Phil Davis overcame the then champion, Liam McGeary over the food of five rounds. The was now McGeary’s opportunity to seek revenge.

The fight starts slowly with each being cautious before McGeary soil a foot kick. McGeary pushes the action as Davis looks because that his shots. McGeary soil a left hand before an additional leg kick. Hard jab lands native McGeary adhered to by a Davis pair of leg kicks. Davis starts to pressure forward now where he starts come land more leg kicks. Huge overhand appropriate from McGeary lands. Davis sneaks a left jab in top top McGeary. He then gets an ext aggressive and backs McGeary increase forcing him to respond to back. Superman beat from McGeary pushes Davis earlier only for him to come front again. Body absent lands from Davis. And also another. McGeary searches because that the right before throwing a head kick that Davis retaliates through himself. Ring ends.

Round 2 begins an ext actively v Davis going come the body through kicks when on the ago foot. Some stiff foot kicks land because that Davis prior to he lets the hands go a tiny bit. Nothing crazy lands. McGeary watch a bit confused by the point. Davis fakes a takedown to throw an uppercut the doesn’t land. His leg kicks, however, a various story. McGeary throws an overhand left resulting in Davis bringing the in for some knees come the body. McGeary starts come look because that the jab more. Davis find a shot v his appropriate accompanied by more leg kicks. McGeary still in search of jabs. The latter fifty percent of the ring sees McGeary looking for jabs with Davis throwing foot kicks consistently. Finish of round two.

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McGeary comes the end aggressive in the third. The two trade leg kicks. They trade solid punches prior to Davis soil the an initial takedown the the night landing in half-mount before scrambling come McGeary’s earlier and landing some large ground and pound shots. Elbows land from Davis prior to they get up and Davis floor an maybe illegal front kick to the chin. McGeary find a head kick shortly after. Davis functions the body v a kick. McGeary pressures and gets Davis come the cage briefly, Davis counters with knees. Looping left native Davis simply misses. Davis left hook harms McGeary and also he gets taken down. Nasty ground and pound bring about a tap indigenous McGeary.

PhilMrWonderful in the third and last round that his bout in ~ #Bellator220 tonight.

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