The story that American hero Jesse Owens will certainly be said on the large screen surprisingly for the an initial time ever in the brand-new film Race, i m sorry is set to premiere ~ above February 19. The movie will focus particularly on Jesse Owens" victories at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Those games were notable, and highly controversial, for following in Nazi Germany throughout Adolf Hitler"s reign. In the years prior to World war II, there to be murmurings around terrible things happening in the country, especially relating to anti-semitism and also racism, however Germany was not prohibited indigenous hosting the games. These were likewise the first Olympic games to be televised, and the games" radio broadcasts were heard all over the world. The two factors of Nazi politics and the increased visibility that the games set the stage for Jesse Owens and also what might be the greatest moment in sporting activities history.

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It to be widely embraced that Hitler to plan to usage the gamings as a showcase because that his German athletes, as proof that the Aryan race was much more superior than others. If he had actually succeeded, the Nazis likely would have actually used the games as evidence that their cause was just. But Hitler didn"t counting on one person: Jesse Owens. Owens was a black color 22-year-old from Oakville, Alabama that would come to be the most successful athlete at the games. Contending in four Track & ar events: the 100 meter dash, 200 meter dash, long jump, and also 4x100 meter relay, Owens winner gold medals in all of them — a feat the wouldn"t it is in matched till Carl Lewis walk it in ~ the 1984 Olympics (which the formidable Soviet Union athletes boycotted).

Owens" to win are believed to have actually enraged Hitler, who organized the belief that human being of shade were inferior and would no stand a chance versus his Aryan athletes. With his record-setting dominance, Owens proved that the Nazis" theories on race were wholly unfounded, and also his spectacular and also heroic power has end up being the stuff of legend. So to commemorate the man, here are ripe photos that Jesse Owens completing at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

1. The long Jump


Owens" leap the 26-5½ feet was sufficient to grant him victory over German Luz Long, who Owens asserted actually offered him advice throughout the event. "It take it a most courage for him come befriend me in former of Hitler," Owens claimed of Long, follow to ESPN. "You have the right to melt under all the medals and also cups i have and also they wouldn"t be a plating on the 24-karat friendship i felt for Luz lengthy at the moment. Hitler must have gone stunner watching us embrace."

2. Owens Accepts Gold

Owens was standing in stark comparison to long on the long jump podium, as he offers an American salute contrasted to the silver medalist"s Nazi Salute. Long was later killed in activity fighting because that the Nazis during civilization War II, despite apparently not sharing their ideology. The two athletes are joined here by copper medalist Naoto Tajima that Japan.

3. As well Fast


Owens flies through the 200 meter dash in 20.7 seconds, besting fellow American Mack Robinson, whose brother Jackie would go top top to rest baseball"s color obstacle in 1947.

4. Warming Up


On the S.S. Manhattan before heading to Germany, Owens (left) and also fellow Team U.S.A. Sprinters Ralph Metcalfe and also Frank Wykoff warm up on the ship"s deck. The three males teamed up with Foy Draper to set a brand-new world document of 39.8 seconds in the 4x100 meter relay.

5. Dream Team


Owens (left) and his yellow medal-winning, record-setting relay team.

6. A Star Is Born


Owens poses because that a photograph with Serbian soccer star Rodoljub Malenčić.

7. Angering the Germans

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

The watch on the judges face says it all together Owens lands his impressive lengthy jump.

8. The before Portrait

A laugh Owens is seen here just a pair weeks before the Olympics that would adjust history. I wonder if he knew climate what type of success would certainly await him?

9. The after Portrait

That is the confront of a hero.

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A Jesse Owens large screen biopic is much overdue, but it"s quite feasible that the reason there hasn"t been one yet is because he"s such a larger-than-life figure. Here"s hope that gyeongju does justice to the many inspirational athlete of every time.