Attending a Pirates game at LECOM Park

Bradenton’s LECOM Park, constructed in 1922, is the oldest spring cultivate stadiums, quiet hosting a team, in Florida’s Grapefruit League and also has been home to feather training baseball due to the fact that 1923.

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The ballpark’s existing tenant, the Pittsburgh Pirates, have referred to as LECOM Park home due to the fact that 1969.

LECOM Park is situated at 1611 nine Street West close to bustling downtown Bradenton, house to the Bishop Museum, Manatee players Theatre, ArtCenter Manatee and also more. The ballpark sits straight east the the nationally-acclaimed town of the Arts, a growing neighborhood of galleries and also studios where artists and artisans that various varieties create and sell your wares.

LECOM Park is a 360-degree ballpark v the addition of a boardwalk traversing the outfield.

Concessions, restrooms and a specialty bar have actually been included on the boardwalk in ~ centerfield.

New, an ext comfortable seats replaced the present infield seats.

Additional seating, covered outfield bleachers, boosted the ballpark’s capacity to about 8,500 native 6,500.

Permanent roofs changed the existing, short-term shade coverings above infield seating along the first- and third-base lines.

Bullpens were relocated to the outfield wherein fans will be able to observe pitchers and catchers indigenous the boardwalk.

Updated concession stands and restrooms make for a better fan experience.

Additional locations are available in the fan Plaza for tasks behind the stands.

Ticket prices at LECOM Park have actually perennially been just one of the shortest in the Grapefruit League. Information on 2022 ticket prices and packages are forthcoming.


Pirates spring Training Ticket prices & Information

(941) 747-3031 or

Pitchers and also Catchers an initial Workout: TBDFirst complete Squad Workout: TBD

Stadium Information

LECOM Park was developed in 1923 and also renovated in 1992, 2008 and 2013. The 2022 season is the Pirates 54th spring Training in ~ this location.

Parking: community parking, price varyDimensions: 335 feet right and also left ar lines and 400 feet come centerSeating Capacity: 8,500

LECOM Park is also home of the Bradenton Marauders, the Pirates low A Southeast organization affiliate, and 2021 league Champioos.


Directions come LECOM Park

Find in Google MapsFrom St. Petersburg: walk over Skyway leg to leave 2 (19 South); continue on 41 southern (Bradenton/Sarasota); make right turn top top 17th way West. McKechnie is ~ above the right.From Sarasota (Route 41): Take route 41 north to 17th way West; make right. McKechnie is top top the left.From Sarasota (US-301): take US-301 north to 13th avenue West; do left. Left onto nine Street West. McKechnie is top top the left.From north or southern on I-75: departure 220 (220 B from north) at course 64; walk west on path 64 to 9th Street West; revolve left. McKechnie ~ above the left.

Traffic and also Road construction Information native the Florida room of TransportationLearn about important traffic and also roadway conditions by visiting This business reports travel times, road construction, lane closures and more on major Florida roadways.

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Pittsburgh Pirates Florida spring Training History

1918: Jacksonville1947: Miami Beach1954: fort Pierce1955-68: fort Myers (Terry Park)1969-present: Bradenton (LECOM Park)

Pirates feather Training Attendance


Total Attendance68,18488,00382,39093,43391,046106,038103,762106,29196,36390,58250,019
Avg. Attendance4,8705,5005,4936,2297,5877,0696.9176,2526,0236,0395,002

*The 2020 MLB feather Training season was stopped on march 12, 2020, as the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic swept through the unified States stopping all sporting events, at the time, and also discontinued large gatherings that people.

Area Information

Bradenton Area Convention & travellers Bureau, (941) 729-9177 or

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