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There to be a feeling around Penn State that never went away while the Nittany Lions to be thrashing old competitor Pitt in ~ Beaver stadion on Saturday: inevitability.

The No. 4 Nittany Lions won, 33-14. If over there was any question about how this would certainly go, it was basically answered when PSU picked off Pitt’s Max Browne on the fourth snap of the game and definitely answered once the Lions had made the 14-0 simply 10 minute in. To your credit, the Panthers hung around, however a ceiling kept hanging over them.

That ceiling has a name: Saquon Barkley. The penn State junior came into this season with nearly unrivaled hype because he starred because that the large Ten champions critical year and also has otherworldly physics gifts. He spent Saturday affirming that he is the good, at least as much as anyone might in a mainly 2 game versus an iffy defense.

Barkley finished v 88 yards on 14 runs v two touchdowns.

It wasn’t even one of his best games, yet it verified his full selection of skills.

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Barkley is thunder and also lightning rolled right into one almost perfect running back. He put both his power and also speed on display Saturday, and also Pitt couldn’t stop either.

Here’s speed:

RT ChatSports: Saquon Barkley (saquonb21) expand #PennState"s lead v this 46-yard record & run!

— Seahawks fan (
centurylinkfiel) September 9, 2017

And here’s power:

Is Saquon Barkley a human cannon ball? mine COLUMN:

— Jack McGuire (
JackMacCFB) September 9, 2017

Physically, Barkley is a force of nature. He’s both run a 4.33-second 40-yard dash and lifted 405 pounds native the ground to up over his head. That method if you shot to cover him through a linebacker in the open up field, he’ll dust him. And it way if three of your defenders bash right into him through the 3-yard line, he’s still a solid gambling to uncover pay dirt.

Just like it’s difficult to prevent Barkley, the really hard to get a leg up on pen State.

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The Nittany Lions don’t have actually a nationwide championship roster, according to your recruiting rankings. However they’re still one of the an ext talented teams in the country, and also they might have the alignment right this year with sufficient returning players at enough an essential positions the they’ll have a opportunity to mount a Playoff run anyway.

The problem, if she playing penn State, is the there’s no a single obvious weakness. Perform the Nits depend a bit more than one would prefer on hitting top top a couple of big plays? Maybe, i guess, however if you’ve gained Barkley and also Trace McSorley and Mike Gesicki and more, you’re walk to move the ball. The defense is stout and experienced. What’s there to exploit? penn State’s attack line, formerly trash, isn’t any type of longer. The secondary has great players every over. The special teams aren’t a problem. There’s simply so lot to overcome.

Take Pitt, which yes, really didn’t play a poor game. The Panthers walk on the road against a top-five opponent and also possessed the round for 38 minutes. They weren’t an excellent on offense, yet four yards per play isn’t the worst. Neither is enabling six to an upstream offense.

Beating a team you markedly worse than will certainly usually call for a bunch of large plays or takeaways, though, and also Penn State no in a charity mood. Pitt didn’t gain those, and so Pitt never gained closer than two scores down. Pen State’s good enough that if it no beat itself, most others have actually no shot.