STAFFORD, Va. -- A high institution pep rally in Virginia was required to a whole new level - thanks to a police lieutenant who confirmed off his dance moves to Beyonce"s "Formation."Lt. Deuntay Diggs said he was asked to dance v the students at phibìc Stafford High School, whereby his fiancee teaches, at their Oct. 14 pep rally, after a video clip had unable to do viral of the dancing to "Formation" in ~ a police charity event.

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Diggs is also a motivational speaker well-known in his community for tackling issues of race, sexuality and diversity.While the didn"t plan on performing Beyonce again, Diggs stated there to be a lull throughout the high institution event, which provided him the opportunity to surprised the teens, who screamed in excitement.A teacher shooting the video clip and posted it on social media. The dance finished when Diggs dropped under in a split and also students couldn"t save on computer themselves. Castle ran out onto the court cheering.
"Being referred to as a celebrity was never really the goal," Diggs told abc News. "I feel choose I"m just a consistent person make the efforts to perform some confident in the ar and help inspire rather to walk in the appropriate path. In my mind, I"m having actually fun through the kids and also the faculty and also I never ever thought it would certainly take off favor this."Diggs said the love he got from the kids couldn"t have actually come at a far better time, due to the fact that he had actually received news of his mother"s terminal cancer just days before.
"Dealing v my mom, i was feeling down and being with the kids in the gym in was an remarkable moment," he said.ABC News and also WLS-TV added to this report.
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