This afternoon I have the PopSugar January 2017 Must have actually Box come share through you all!


If you aren’t acquainted with PopSugar Must have Boxes, this is a monthly lifestyle sub crate for women and also each box has a mixture the lifestyle, fitness, beauty type items.

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For January 2017, we have a “new year” inspiration box (at least that’s exactly how it feels to me) that promotes detox, health, and also revitalizing.

Let’s take it a look in ~ the contents

Dean & Deluca Peppermint loose Leaf Tea


Dean & Deluca Peppermint loose Leaf Tea is a soothing menthol flavored tea through digestive benefits

Retail Value: $10.75

Manduka eQua Mat Towel


The Manduka eQua Mat towel is basically a yoga mat bath towel that has a super soft, suede favor feel. You have the right to use it to cover her mat because that a nice, no slip, washable surface.

Retail Value: $38.00

Sourcebooks instant Happy Notes


These are super cute! Sourcebooks prompt Happy notes is a booklet to fill with miscellaneous happy notes and the top portion is stick paper. I’ve currently selected a few to ar randomly in coworkers cubicles. They room fun and also give human being a small boost.

Retail Value: $8.99


Goldfaden MD fresh A Peel


Goldfaden MD fresh A Peel Multi acid Resurfacing Peel is a supercharged peel hat gets rid of dead skin cells and also with ongoing use, skin may become softer and also brighter. The a organic skin heat to assist rejuvenate your skin.

Retail Value: $85.00

May Designs workdesk Calendar


May Designs workdesk Calendar is a cute, mini calendar with 12 hand painted floral patterns. It’s tiny but supplies a nice popular music of shade to your desk!

Retail Value: $25.00

Daily principles Hair pave Towel


Daily principles Hair Wrap towel is pretty much my favorite thing ever. I’ve had similar towels before, yet none were rather as lush together this one. This is a microfiber towel the wraps approximately your hair after her shower and also it has actually a super comfortable fit.

Retail Value: $18.00

Glade No 3 Coconut & beach Woods Candle


The distinct extra in the box is the Glade No 3 Coconut & coast Woods fragrant candle. This smells really nice. That a mellow coconut scent with a small earthiness come it.

Retail Value: $4.99

PopSugar January 2017 Must have Box


This month’s crate was a little hit and miss through me personally. No every crate is walking to it is in a perfect fit, i think us all know that. My favorite items space the hair towel, workdesk calendar, fresh a Peel and also Instant Happy Notes. I don’t drink tea much, however I’m keeping it at occupational for days i feel under the weather. The yoga towel will certainly actually do a great gift because that a friend, so i’m planning on offering that away.

Well currently that ns ran through a breakdown, i guess i still got full value, right? While every item may not be “for me” special, the top quality makes castle perfectly perfect for gift giving.

Subscription Price: $39.95 per Month (This month was a value of $190.73)

Coupon Code: SHOP5 for $5 turn off your an initial Must have Box

Where to Buy: PopSugar Must have Shop

So what space your thoughts? carry out you think this is a good value?


Lisa Heath

I’m Lisa, a 36 year old mother of one energetic little boy. Ns live right external of san Francisco through my son and my boyfriend. I work full time in an bookkeeping office throughout the day and as a beauty blogger in ~ night.

I have been wanting to sign up for this crate for a while now. It constantly has such good products inside.

My Daughter loves her Popsugar box. I provided her a subscription for Christmas and also she claimed it is the finest gift ever.

Oh mine teenager would certainly love this box. She loves those twirl towels for her hair after the shower. I would completely steal that peppermint tea. Yum!

What one UPLIFTING box! I would love every of those items in there! i am a vast peppermint tea drinker together is!

I love tea and peppermint tea is just one of my favorites! I’ll definitely have to check out the Dean & Deluca Peppermint loose Leaf Tea sometime.

The Happy notes booklet is so adorable. I would love to have that one. And also the candle too. Bet it smells amazing!

That’s a good value! Subscription is much lower than what girlfriend received. And also the box is full of really awesome items.

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Almost 200$ precious of product best there. The is indeed an remarkable deal. I’ve been an interpretation to obtain a Popsugar box

Manduka mat will certainly be an great gift for my friends who are right into yoga. I supplied to take continuous classes yet now don’t have actually the time come attend.