Question 1

Ports 1024-49151 are well-known as ______ ports.

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Question 2

The instantiation of an endpoint in a potential TCP link is known as a ______.socketportsequence numberTCP segment

Question 3

HTTP is an instance of a(n) ______ layer protocol.transportdata-linkapplicationnetwork

Question 4

Application great data lives in the _____ ar of the carry layer payloadheaderfooterflag

Question 5

How many bits are supplied to straight traffic to particular services running on a networked computer?3281216

Question 6

A network has the capability to direct traffic toward all of the receiving services. What gives this ability in the transfer layer?Socket addressFile TransferDemultiplexingMultiplexing

Question 7

What harbor does the paper Transfer Protocol (FTP) typically listen on?254438021

Question 8

Which field in a Transmission regulate Protocol (TCP) header is chosen from it s not long ports?Source portAcknowledgement numberDestination portSequence number

Question 9

A communication between two tools is end the maximum limit of an ethernet frame size. The Transmission manage Protocol (TCP) splits up the data into segments. Which ar in the header helps store track that the plenty of segments?Acknowledgement numberChecksumUrgent pointerSequence number

Question 10

A connection, at which layer, implies that every segment that data sent out is acknowledged?Data linkTransportApplicationNetwork

Question 11

A communication sent v Transmission regulate Protocol (TCP) arrives the end of order. What allows the data to be put ago together in the exactly order?ChecksumSequence numbersAcknowledgement numberPreamble

Question 12

When is making use of the Transmission control Protocol (TCP) most appropriate?When you space listening come the radio.When you make a phone callWhen you space streaming a video.When friend visit a news website

Question 13

You are sending out a very little amount of info that you require the listening regime to respond to immediately. I m sorry Transmission regulate Protocol (TCP) flag will be used?PSHACKRSTURG

Question 14

A Transmission manage Protocol (TCP) link is established and also two tools ensure the they’re speaking the same protocol. What has actually occured?HandshakeFour-way handshakeTwo-way handshakeThree-way handshake

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