Name: James NavarroRanger: Dino Charge AquaActor: Reuben TurnerEpisodes: 10First Appearance“Wishing because that A Hero” Last Appearance: “Here come Heximas”SentaiZyuden Sentai KyoryugerProducerSaban & Nickelodeon


Character Bio

James Navarro is a geologist the would find the Aqua Energem top top a digging expedition and would bond v it while attempting to save his friend, Rusty indigenous an strike from Fury. The would get in hiding to keep Fury away from his loved ones. That is till his son, Tyler Navarro would take trip to Amber Beach in search of him and also inexplicably coming to be the Red Dino fee Ranger in the process. James would ultimately come out of hiding to save his son, who was under the affect of a virus and would expose himself together the Aqua Dino charge Ranger. However, he would certainly leave his son soon after to uncover the silver Energem and later Sledge’s Ship.

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Aqua EnergemThe Aqua Energem bonded through a Ankylosaurus Sixty five Million year Ago. Ten year Ago, James Navarro bonded with the Aqua Energem after conserving his friend Rusty from being crushed by boulders.



Ankylo ZordThe Para Zord is an ankylosaurus-like zord that was created by Zenowing and piloted by the Aqua Dino charge Ranger.



Dino fee MorpherThe Dino charge Morpher is a blaster-like weapon provided by the Aqua Dino fee Ranger in battle and to morph into the Aqua Dino charge Ranger.

Dino Charger


Ankylo ChargerThe Ankylo Charger is the primary Dino Charger of the Aqua Dino charge Ranger.



Dino CommThe Dino Comm is a smartphone-like an equipment used by the Dino fee Rangers as a communication device. That is also used as a storage system for the Dino fee Rangers Dino Chargers.



Dino Super journey AquaDino Super drive is a an effective piece of armor the is an upgraded variation of Dino Drive the is worn by the Aqua Dino fee Ranger when in the cockpit that his zord.

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Halloween Costume


Mummy GuardSeasonDino super ChargeJames dresses up together a Mummy Guard for Halloween come rescue his friends indigenous the Halloween Intergalactic Court.