Power Season 2 episode 5 Review: who You Are and Who You desire to Be

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Holly Elizabeth Weaver. It"s no an enig she is not my favorite and also this mainly did she no favors. She acquired through that interrogation, I"ll give her that, but by the end she to be withering under the pressure. 

I"m open minded surprised she didn"t give them noþeles on Tommy. Possibly Angela was right around her. 

If she"s in deep enough, we"re not going to gain anything. Once you yes, really love a guy, you was standing by him, no issue what he"s done. If Holly yes, really loves Tommy, she"s no going to say a word.


She go care around Tommy, but to put him above herself? i didn"t necessarily see that coming. Yet here"s the thing around Tommy, that loves Holly, but is his love because that Holly better than his commitment to his family? definition if he finds out Holly is responsible for bringing Ghost down yet keeping the safe, how is the going come react?

We"ll need to see the play out since it looks choose Holly will be aiding Angela in the takedown of Ghost, who Angela currently knows is yes, really Jamie!

friend dumb bitch. You"re the one resting with Ghost. No me.


My mind was reeling throughout their restroom scene. I would have never guessed that Angela would uncover out the truth about the love of her life if standing in a dingy bathroom and also being talked under to through Holly. 

I don"t treatment where you autumn on the Angela-Ghost-Tasha spectrum, her heart had to hurt see Angela failure and take it that pilgrimage down memory lane. Ugh, my heart harms now thinking around the pains etched on her face. 

It was always going to concerned this, I recognize that, but it yes, really hit me hard. What in the world is she walk to do now? There"s no way she actually confronts Ghost, is there? and how about Greg spying her with Ghost? Things just went means past complicated. 

Also complicated? The broken dynamic the the St. James household. Tasha had actually every ideal to absent Ghost out and she has actually every best to feeling hurt, yet I"m no liking just how she appears to desire to take it Tariq far from his father. I recognize that Ghost is in the wrong and cheating doesn"t just affect the human who was being cheating on, it affects the totality family, yet Tariq demands his father and he need to still be a component of his life. 

Just choose my love felt because that Angela, it additionally felt for Tasha, especially throughout her conversation v Tommy. In ~ this point, that is really on her side? She"s been lied come by all the men roughly her and she"s top top the outs with her finest friend, so every she really has actually right now is she kids. I guess that"s why she feeling the have to keep Tariq close. Ns still have hope she and Ghost will have the ability to come come some type of agreement over time. 

Aside from the family drama and also jaw-dropping reveal, another huge plot pint to be the development of the drug business. 

With Lobos moving up his timeline, Ghost required to gain the rest of the product sold and also that meant expanding his territory. There appears to it is in a slow-burning discord brewing in between Ruiz and Ghost and also I think things room going to concerned a head sooner 보다 later. 

Ruiz is looking to gain an ext power and Ghost is really unwilling to provide him what he really wants and after promise him brand-new territory and also then taking it away, it"s just going to feed Ruiz"s resentment. With the season fifty percent over, I"m completely expecting a Ruiz coup in the next few weeks. 

Well folks, we"re halfway through the season now. And this drive is much from over. 

Everything rather You must Know

Kanan and also Shawn were missing this week. Walk you miss out on them?Simon Stern is a creep, but we currently knew that. I know Ghost has actually some kind of a setup to get his club back, yet what is it? any kind of guesses?Looks prefer the setup to have Dre infiltrate the team is paying off, as he"s yes, really endearing self to Tommy. Tommy can just it is in so smart and so dumb in ~ the exact same time. Speaking that Tommy, the played that Serb take on brilliantly. That"s the smart Tommy i like.

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The Tommy bogged down by Holly and questioning Tasha"s loyalty is the one I could do without.

Power Season 2 is yes, really bringing the so far and also "Who you Are and Who You want To Be" was an additional solid episode and I"d choose to know what friend thought. What is Angela walk to perform next? can Ghost and also Tasha involved an understanding? will Ghost and agency get the money to pay Lobos ~ above time? 

Leave me a comment and also let"s discuss it all while we patiently wait for following Saturday night.