It’s time come announce your pregnant to your closest friends and also family, and you desire to execute it in person. After ~ all, your mommy doesn’t desire to discover out you’re expecting v Facebook prefer everybody else. Why not placed a pregnant announcement wine label over she favorite party to re-superstructure the great news?

To do it easy, I’ve designed numerous pregnancy announcement labels that are printable in ~ home. One is ready-to-go, others have the right to be customized, and also there’s also a coupon code below to gain a free pregnancy notice wine brand from my shop! how cool is that?

Not sure just how to use them? at the bottom I’ll comment on how come DIY these pregnancy announcement wine bottle labels. Her friends and family will be so impressed as well as excited around your pregnancy!

How carry out you announcement a pregnancy v wine?

While it may be ironic come make your baby announcement v alcohol (since friend shouldn’t really have actually any), for many people, drink is tho a normal means to celebrate good news.

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Giving a party of wine or champagne with a distinct label the declares you’re expecting is a really creative way come announce your pregnancy. It’s an especially a good way to announce a pregnant on Thanksgiving, when plenty of people are gathered come share the wine! however they have the right to be used any time for the alcohol lovers among your friends and family.

One means to notice a pregnancy v wine is come invite the recipients over because that dinner. While at the table, open up the bottle and also pour them every a glass, then casually put the bottle down on the table and also wait because that them to notification what the brand says!

You can also just gift the person a bottle of wine at any kind of time. Head on over to their residence or lug the party to job-related with friend (if it’s for a coworker or your boss), call them friend were thinking of them, and also hand them the bottle. The an initial thing they’ll carry out is look at to watch what sort of wine it is. When they might not find that out appropriate away, they’ll find out something even more exciting!

Grandparent announcement Wine Labels

Custom wine party really do a classy, great pregnancy notice for grandparents. They might not care for sentimental knick-knacks or have actually room for an additional coffee mug or t-shirt, but a bottle of wine that have the right to be beautifully photographed and consumed is just right.

I’ve acquired two different alternatives below – one that have the right to be customized, and one the is currently ready to print.

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The best Parents Get supported to Grandparents alcohol Label


This wine bottle pregnancy notice is both flattering and also overwhelming. You’re informing your parents they’re awesome while likewise telling castle they’ll soon have a grandbaby! The white roses and also refined message really make it look like an elegant party of alcohol at very first glance.