Which of the adhering to statements ideal describes price flexibility in the economy?Prices often tend to be sticky in the short run and also stuck in the long run.Prices have tendency to be simply as sticky in the brief run as in the long run.Prices often tend to be difficult in the short run however become much more flexible end time.Prices tend to be flexible in the brief run however become more sticky end time.

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Which the the following results indigenous firms stop inventories?The economic climate is much an ext susceptible to company cycle fluctuations.Demand shocks happen with better frequency.Demand shocks take place less frequently.Firms deserve to maintain production levels and readjust inventories in an answer to demand shocks.
The business cycle depicts:fluctuations in the general price level.the phases a service goes through from as soon as it very first opens to when it ultimately closes.the evolution of technology over time.short-run fluctuations in output and also employment.
Which of the complying with is an example of a it is provided shock?A surging in customer optimism prompts increased buying of goods and services.A surprise taxation rebate native the government provides people more money come spend.A dramatic boost in power prices rises production prices for that company in the economy.Government boosts spending ~ above education.
Which that the following nations would economists say definitively is achieving contemporary economic growth?Zimbabwe experiences a 5.6 percent increase in in the name GDP.South Africa experience a 4.2 percent rise in real GDP.Ghana experiences a 3.6 percent increase in in the name of GDP per person.Nigeria experience a 2.7 percent increase in genuine GDP every person.
The term "recession" describes a instance where:inflation prices exceed common levels.output and also living requirements decline.an economy"s ability to develop is destroyed.government takes a much less active function in financial matters.
When need shocks cause recessions, it is mostly due to:price inflexibility.the inability of government policy to affect demand.unexpected transforms in the supply of goods and services.government regulations that avoid firms indigenous adjusting calculation in response to the shocks.
Prices for airline tickets readjust on average around once per month. This would indicate that airline ticket price are:stuck.determined in a highly competitive market.relatively sticky.relatively flexible.
Which that the adhering to statements is many accurate around advanced economies?Economies experience a positive expansion trend end the quick run yet experience far-ranging variability in the lengthy run.Economies experience a positive growth trend over the long run yet experience far-ranging variability in the brief run.Economies endure positive and stable development over both the lengthy run and also short run.Economies experience small long-run development in output yet can experience far-reaching growth in the short run.
Economies suffer a positive growth trend over the long run however experience significant variability in the short run.
Modern financial growth advert to nations that have experienced rise in:real GDP end time.nominal GDP end time.real output spread evenly across all sectors that the economy.real calculation per person.
Consider This) i beg your pardon of the complying with is an example of economic investment?Volvo buys one old factory structure from general Motors.Nike buys a new device that increases shoe production.Bill entrances buys share of share in IBM.Warren Buffet buys U.S. To save bonds.
Harry"s Pepperoni Pizza Parlor developed 10,000 big pepperoni pizzas last year that offered for $10 each. This year Harry"s again developed 10,000 big pepperoni pizzas (identical to last year"s pizzas) yet sold them because that $12 each. Based upon this information we have the right to conclude the Harry"s manufacturing of large pepperoni pizzas:increased both nominal and also real GDP from critical year.increased in the name of GDP from critical year, however real GDP to be unaffected.increased actual GDP from critical year, yet nominal GDP was unaffected.did not adjust either in the name of or real GDP from critical year.
Higher rates of joblessness are connected with:greater politics stability because the employed tend to be an ext politically active.higher crime prices as the unemployed look for to replace lost income.lower prices of heart disease as the unemployed have removed job stress.improvements in in its entirety health together the unemployed have more recreation time to it is in physically active.
Harry"s Pepperoni Pizza Parlor created 10,000 large pepperoni pizzas critical year that marketed for $10 each. This year Harry"s again produced 10,000 huge pepperoni pizzas (identical to critical year"s pizzas) yet sold them because that $12 each. Based upon this information we can conclude the Harry"s production of big pepperoni pizzas this year:increased in the name GDP through $20,000 yet left actual GDP unchanged.increased in the name GDP through $120,000 and increased genuine GDP through $100,000.left in the name GDP unchanged yet increased actual GDP by $20,000.increased in the name of GDP by $120,000 but left actual GDP unchanged.
The two topics the primary worry in macroeconomics are:short-run fluctuations in output and employment and also long-run economic growth.unemployment and wage rates in job markets.monopoly strength of enterprise and tiny business profitability.oil prices and also housing markets.
Last Word) which of the adhering to explanations argues that the great Recession resulted from asset-price bubbles caused by euphoria and debt-fueled speculation?Minsky explanation.Austrian explanation.Stimulus explanation.Structural explanation.
(Last Word) supporters for a structural systems to the good Recession argued that:government should reduced taxes throughout the plank to stimulate need for goods and also services.firms need to be permitted to go bankrupt, permitting the economic climate to exactly for resource misallocations.firms in financial distress need to be taken end by the government and also run for the general public good.massive public functions projects have to be enforced to create public capital, keep world employed, and help workers preserve job skills.
firms must be enabled to walk bankrupt, allowing the economy to exactly for source misallocations.
For i m sorry of the complying with goods are solutions are prices least sticky?Taxi fares.Haircuts.Microwave ovens.Airline tickets.
Inflation is identified as:an boost in the as whole level that prices.the rate of growth in in the name of GDP.a instance where all prices in the economy rise simultaneously.the growth phase that the organization cycle.
Prices have tendency to be sticky because:firms space worried that constant price changes would stroked nerves consumers.most firms have agreements v each various other to resolve prices at profit-maximizing levels.government controls most prices.foreign competition discourages residential firms indigenous price changes.

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If the price of every goods and services rose, however the quantity produced remained unchanged, what would occur to nominal and real GDP?Nominal and also real GDP would both rise.Nominal and also real GDP would certainly both be unchanged.Real GDP would certainly rise, however nominal GDP would certainly be unchanged.Nominal GDP would rise, but real GDP would be unchanged.