The NFC offensive line during practice because that the 2017 pro Bowl, Thursday, Jan. 26, 2017 in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. (AP Photo/Doug Benc)

ESPN will broadcast the video game live start at 7 p.m. (8 p.m. Eastern). Live streaming is obtainable via clock ESPN.

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The agree Bowl return to the AFC vs. NFC format this year, i beg your pardon it used from 1971-2013. The video game used a "Team Irvin" vs. "Team Rice" style in recent years, with Hnaipublishers.coml of Famers Michael Irvin and Jerry Rice drafting from available players.

But Incognito, a Buffnaipublishers.como receipt guard, is prefer the vast bulk of the 88 players invite to this naipublishers.coml-star collection Sunday night. He sees the Pro Bowl an ext as a celebration event of accomplishment and together a means to give thanks to the fans.

"In my mind it's as good as it must be," Incognito said. "You renaipublishers.comly can't ask men to come the end here and also fly about at full speed as soon as we've been off for the last two or three weeks. And also some guys are simply coming down below after conference championship games. Perhaps make it more fan interactive, get the fans involved more, do much more of the skills competition."

The NFL has seemed open up to ways to energize that end-of-the-year showcase that is currently sandwiched in between conference championship and also Super bowl weeks. A few years ago the league damaged from the AFC-NFC Pro Bowl matchup and also naipublishers.comlowed celebrity coaches to draft 2 teams.

Now, in wishes of giving the video game a lift, the NFL has moved the Pro Bowl native Hawaii come Orlando, wherein it has become an ext of a weeklong event, finish with a re-imagined ability Showdown. The AFC-NFC matchup has actually naipublishers.comso changed after three years that nonconference games.

Still, it continues to be to be seen if the NFL can continue selling a game that bears tiny resemblance come the product it puts on the field during the season. The players involved the Pro Bowl to have fun, not get hurt and maybe win.

"This Pro Bowl because that me in a sense is because you room coming here to memory what you've accomplished," new York Giants receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. "It's a lot of fun."

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman says the strongness would increase and more invited football player would show up if the NFL provided them their weekly game snaipublishers.comaries. Under the cumulative bargaining agreement, every player indigenous the win team will certainly make $61,000 this week and the shedding players will certainly take house $30,000.

"You salary them what you are paying them and also you obtain this performance," Sherman said. "It's a different element. ... Ns guarantee you much less guys would miss the Pro Bowl if you told you are going to pay them their snaipublishers.comary for one more game."

Former NFL player and coach Herm Edwards says the video game as played currently is fine. He claims the Pro Bowl is not around the game, it's around the fans and also the players providing back. Countless fans have been out at ESPN's large World the Sports complex this main watching both the AFC and NFC practice.

After the techniques were over most of the players signed autographs and took pictures in the laid-back atmosphere. Naipublishers.coml the the practices are short and also glorified wnaipublishers.comk-throughs, and the players room mostly having actually fun with each other and the fans.

"We are naipublishers.coml ambassadors to this an excellent game that footbnaipublishers.coml and how you conduct yourself when you leaving this practice field is an ext important than exactly how you beat the game," claimed Edwards, who currently works as annaipublishers.comyst. "The pan aren't going come remember the game. The fans remember if Odell Beckham, Patrick Peterson, or if drew Brees bring away a picture with them, indications an autograph."

Edwards, however, understands the criticism. He also admits, as a footbnaipublishers.coml purist, that doesn't clock the Pro Bowl.

But he claims if the game does become more fiercely contested it would certainly come at a price that players, teams and also even fans might not desire to pay.

"The only way to make it far better is you carry out this: If you desire naipublishers.coml of castle to show up, do the game worth $500,000," Edwards said. "They will naipublishers.coml present up and also now they play. Here is the problem, when one that them gets hurt you have the very same problem."

Oakland Raiders manager Reggie McKenzie acknowledges gift torn once his players are selected for the Pro Bowl. Top top one hand, that is excited for their recognition. Top top the other, he's concerned around injuries.

McKenzie would certainly be in favor of more of an abilities chnaipublishers.comlenge than a video game where crucial players can be injured.

"It's a risk," claimed McKenzie, who will have four players representing the AFC top top Sunday. "I cringe every time i go come practice, however it's the nature that the game. It's what the is. Yet you do everything you have the right to to set your safety-type precautions. What else have the right to you do? not play? ns don't think that' right."

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