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Praise because that the an initial edition“Quantum field theory is an extremely beautiful subject, however it can be an intimidatingone. The profound and also deeply physical concepts it embodies can gain lost, come the beginner,amidst the technicalities. In this book, Zee imparts the wisdom that an skilled andremarkably an imaginative practitioner in a user-friendly style. Ns wish something favor it had actually beenavailable when I to be a student.”—Frank Wilczek, Massachusetts institute of Technology“Finally! Zee has actually written a ground-breaking quantum ar theory text based on the courseI made the teach as soon as I chaired the Princeton physics department. Through utmost clarityhe offers the passionate student a light-hearted and easy-going advent to the multifacetedwonders that quantum ar theory. I wish I had this publication when i taught the subject.”—Marvin L. Goldberger, President, Emeritus, California academy of Technology“This book is filled v charming explanations the students will find beneficial.”—Ed Witten, academy for advanced Study“This book is maybe themost user-friendly introductory text to the essentials that quantumfield theory and its many modern-day applications. With his physical intuitive approach,ProfessorZeemakes a severe topicmore reachable for beginners, to reduce the conceptualbarrier when preserving sufficient mathematical details necessary for a firm grasp of thesubject.”—Bei Lok Hu, university of Maryland“Like the renowned Feynman Lectures top top Physics, this book has the odor of a goodblackboard lecture. Zee presents technological details, but only insofar as they serve the largerpurpose of offering insight right into quantum field theory and bringing out its beauty.”—Stephen M. Barr, university of Delaware“This is a an excellent book—exciting, amusing, unique, and very valuable.”—Clifford V. Johnson, university of Durham“Tony Zee explains quantum ar theory v a clear and engaging style. Because that budding orseasoned condensed matter physicists alike, he shows us that ar theory is a nourishingnut to it is in cracked and savored.”—Matthew P. A. Fisher, Kavli Institute because that Theoretical Physics“I to be so engrossed that i spent all of Saturday and Sunday one weekend taking in halfthe book, to mine wife’s dismay. Zee has actually a talent for explaining the many abstruse andarcane ideas in an elegant way, utilizing the minimum variety of equations (the jokesand anecdotes help). . . . Ns wish this were available when i was a graduate student. Buythe book, keep it by your bed, and relish the insights yielded with such flair and grace.”—N. P. Ong, Princeton University

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What readers space saying“Funny, chatty, physical: QFT education transformed!! This message stands apart from othersin so plenty of ways the it’s daunting to list them all. . . . The exposition is breezy and also chatty.The message is never ever boring to read, and is at times very, really funny. Puns and jokes abound,as perform anecdotes. . . . A publication which is much easier, and an ext fun, to check out than any type of of theothers. Zee’s skills as a renowned physics writer have actually been supplied to excellent effect in writingthis textbook. . . . Wholeheartedly recommended.”—M. Haque“A readable, and also rereadable instant standard on QFT. . . . In ~ an introductory level, this typeof book—with that is pedagogical (and often an extremely funny) narrative—is priceless. is fullof an excellent insights akin to analysis the Feynman lectures. Ns have since used QFT in aNutshell as a evaluation for year-long course covering all of Peskin and also Schroder, andhave to be pleasantly surprised at how Zee is able come preemptively answer many of theopen questions that eluded me throughout my course. . . . I value QFT in a nutshell the sameway I execute the Feynman lectures. . . . The a message to teach an expertise of physics.”—Flip Tanedo“One that those publications a human interested in theoretical physics simply must own! A realscientific masterpiece. I bought the at the time I to be a physics sophomore and that to be thebest selection I can have made. It was this book that triggeredmy attention in quantum fieldtheory and also crystallized my desires of becoming a theoretical physicist. . . . The main goalof the book is tomake the reader acquire real intuition in the field. Exceptional . . . Amusing . . .real fun. What likewise distinguishes this book from others managing a similar subjectis the it is written favor a tale. . . . I feel enormously fortunate to have actually come throughout thisbook in ~ the beginning of my adventure through theoretical physics. . . . Absolutely the bestquantum field theory publication I have ever read.”—Anonymous“I have used Quantum field Theory in a Nutshell as the primary text. . . . I am immenselypleased with the book, and also recommend it highly. . . . Don’t let the ‘damn the torpedoes,full vapor ahead’ strategy scare friend off. When you get used to see the physics quickly,I think friend will find the experience an extremely satisfying intellectually.”—Jim Napolitano“This is without doubt the best book ns have ever read about the subject. Zee does a fantasticjob the explaining quantum field theory, in a way I have never viewed before, and also I haveread most of the other books on this topic. If girlfriend are in search of quantum ar theoryexplanations that space clear, precise, concise, intuitive, and also fun come read—this is the bookfor you.”—Anonymous

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“One that the many artistic and also deepest publications ever composed on quantum ar theory.Amazing . . . Exceptionally pleasant . . . A lot of of very deep and illuminating remarks. . . . Irecommend the publication by Zee come everybody who wants to get a clean idea what good physicsis about.”—Slava Mukhanov“Perfect for learning field theory on your own—by far the clearest and easiest to followbook I’ve found on the subject.”—Ian Z. Lovejoy“A beautifully written development to the contemporary view of areas . . . Breezy andenchanting, bring about exceptional clarity without sacrificing depth, breadth, or rigorof content. . . . passes my check of true greatness: ns wish it had been the very first book onthis topic the I had found.”—Jeffrey D. Scargle“A breeze of new air . . . A genuine literary gem which will certainly be advantageous for students that maketheir very first steps in this an overwhelming subject and an enjoyable treat for experts, who will findnew and also deep insights. Indeed, the signature is prefer a bright light resource shining amongtall and also heavy trees—the many much more formal publications that exist—and help seeing the forestas a whole! . . . I have actually been practicing QFT throughout the previous two decades and with all myexperience ns was thrilled v enjoyment when I read some that the sections.”—Joshua Feinberg“This text not only teaches up-to-date quantum ar theory, but likewise tells reader howresearch is in reality done and also shows them just how to think around physics. civilization usually speak ‘cannot it is in learned indigenous books.’ in the same layout as FearfulSymmetry and Einstein’s Universe. All three publications . . . Space classics.”—Yu Shi“I belong come the enthusiastic laymen having sufficient curiosity and insistence . . .but lacking themastery that advancedmath and also physics. . . . Ns really can not see the forestfor the trees. However at lengthy last I acquired this book!”—Makay Attila“More fun than any type of other QFT book I have actually read. The comparisons to Feynman’swritings do by numerous of the reviewers seem rather apt. . . . His passionate is quiteinfectious. . . . I doubt that any kind of other book will spark your interest favor this one does.”—Stephen Wandzura“I’m having actually a blast reading this book. It’s both deep and also entertaining; this is a rare breed,indeed. Ns usually choose the an ext formal layout (big Landau fan), however I have to say that whenZee has the talent to existing things his way, that a definite plus.”—Pierre Jouvelot

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“Required reading for QFT: heralds the development of a book on quantum ar theorythat you deserve to sit down and also read. My professor’s lectures make much more sense as Ifollowed along in this book, due to the fact that concepts were actually EXPLAINED, not just workedout.”—Alexander Scott“Not your father’s quantum field theory text: I an especially appreciate that points aremotivated physically before their mathematics articulation. . . . Most particularly though,the author’s ‘heuristic’ descriptions room the finest I have actually read anywhere. From them alonethe vital ideas end up being crystal clear.”—Dan Dill

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Q uantum field Theory in a NutshellSECOND EDITIONA. ZeeP R ns N C E T O N U N i V E R S ns T Y ns R E S S . P R i N C E T O N A N D O X F O R D

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