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Navin Nischol and also Archana prove that two B-grade actors do an A+ in Buddha Mil Gaya (1971).

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Today us showcase the lyrics and also English translation that the romantic “Raat Kali Ek Khwab Mein Aayi” indigenous the film Buddha Mil Gaya (1971).

I admit, I had actually my doubts when I seen the B-grade lineup in this film. But I should have actually known that the same director Hrishikesh Mukherjee who carried us Anand (1971) and Bawarchi (1972) would certainly not let us down! Buddha Mil Gaya (a reference to the memorable song of the exact same name from Sangam 1964) is an interesting blend the genres: a romantic-comedy-murder-mystery-musical (exemplified by the likes the Teesri Manzil 1966). The “buDDha” (that is, elderly male) in question, is play delectably through Om Prakash and forms the core of the mystery. Is that an innocent lacking person or a shrewd murderer?

Archana glows as the romantic lead in the movie Buddha Mil Gaya (1971) v lovable comic timing and simplicity.

The film’s ensemble shines in unexpected ways: Aruna Irani, typically stuck as the eternal vamp, plays a plucky feminist, and everyone’s favorite average dadima, Lalita Pawar, milks the comic scenes. Maybe my favorite minute is as soon as sidekick Deven Verma cross-dresses in a huge song-and-dance succession at the film’s finale. He gives the film’s villain a seductive wink that truly pond it.

Of course, there is additionally a timeless romantic duo, played by Navin Nischol and Archana. While Nischol had actually a long television career after his Bollywood stint fizzled, Archana faded the end of the entertainment industry almost entirely. I’ve make the efforts to perform some study to recognize why and haven’t come up with any kind of leads (please drop us a comment if girlfriend know!). She’s no glamour queen, yet her “girl-next-door” charm wins you over and also I would have actually liked to watch her in more!

Archana has introduced her love interest, played by Nischol, to a flirtatious music student eager to find out singing native him. Once she think Nischol can be tempted, Archana sulks, prompting Nischol come burst right into “Raat Kali Ek Khwab” against a backdrop of the scenic Chowpatty coast in Mumbai (Hrishikesh really had a point for these beaches and also filmed “Zindagi Kaisi Hai Paheli” likewise the exact same year). In “Raat Kali” Majrooh Sultanpuri, the genius behind numerous of your favorite Urdu poems, blesses us v lines choose “tum ne qadam come rakhaa zameen par | seene mei.N kyo.N jhankaar hui?” in ~ which i die and also go to heaven.

Navin Nischol croons the Kishore Kumar solo hit “Raat Kali Ek Khwab” in the film Buddha Mil Gaya (1971).

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We hope you enjoy the lyrics and also our English translation of this beloved song listed below sung through Kishore Kumar and also composed through R.D. Burman. Which heat of Urdu poetry provides YOU swoon?

Raat Kali Ek Khwab Mein Aayi lyrics & English Translation

Raat kalii ek khwaab mei.N aayii, halo gale ka haar huiiA flower the the night concerned me in a dream, and also her embrace became a garland roughly meSubah ko jab ham nii.Nd se jaage, aa.Nkh tumhii se chaar huiiWhen ns awoke in the morning, our eyes metRaat kali ek khwaab mein aayi, halo gale ka haar huii

Chaahe kaho isse merii mohabbat, chaahe ha.Nsii mei.N uDaa doIf you would certainly like, call this my love, if you would like, laugh that awayYeh kyaa hua mujhe, mujhko khabar nahii.N, ho sake, tum hii bataa doWhat is this that has happened to me? also I have actually no idea, but if girlfriend can, you re welcome tell me.Tum ne qadam to, rakhaa zameen par siine mei.N kyuu.N jhankaar huii?Your footsteps fell upon the ground, but why then did I sense a trembling in mine heart?Raat kali ek khwaab mein aayi, halo gale ka haar huyi…

Aa.Nkho.N mei.N kaajal, gloriole laTo.N mei.N, kaalii ghaTaa ka baseraaIn your eyes is kaajal, and also you hair is prefer the sanctuary of a dark cloudSaa.Nvali suurat, mohinii muurat, saavan ruth kaa sa.NveraaYour rich brown complexion, enchanting figure, friend are favor the morning of the monsoon seasonJabse ye mukhDaa dil me khilaa hai, duniyaa merii gulzaar huiiWhen this face bloomed in my heart, my world became a increased gardenRaat kali ek khwaab mein aayi, gloriole gale ka haar huyi

Yuu.N come hasiino.N ke, mahajabiino.N ke, hote hai.N roz nazaareBy the way, beautiful women and also gorgeous faces current themselves to me every dayPar unhe dekh ke, dekha hai jab tumhe, tum lage gloriole bhii pyaareBut when I check out them, and then i look at you, you appear even more lovelyBaaho.N mei.N le luu.N, aisii tamannaa, ek nahii.N, kaii baar huiiI desire to take it you in mine arms, not once, yet many timesRaat kali ek khwaab mein aayi, gloriole gale ka haar huyi…

Raat kalii ek khwaab mei.N aayii, gloriole gale ka haar huiiA flower the the night came to me in a dream, and her take on became a garland roughly meSubah ko jab ham nii.Nd se jaage, aa.Nkh tumhii se chaar huiiWhen i awoke in the morning, our eyes metRaat kali ek khwaab mein aayi, aur gale ka haar huii


raat: night; kalii: flower; khwaab: dream; gale: arms; haar: garland; subah: morning; nii.Nd: sleep; jaagnaa: come awaken; aa.Nkh chaar hona: to make eye call (literally, two eyes ended up being four); mohabbat: love; haN.sii: laughter; khabar: knowledge; qadam: footstep; zameen: earth; seenaa: chest; jhankaar: tremble, jingle; kaajaal: eyeliner; laT: hair locks; kaalii: dark; ghaTaa: cloud; baseraa: shelter, abode; saa.Nvalii: tanned, wealthy brown; suurat: face; mohinii: enchanting; muurat: image, figure; saavan ruth: rainy season; sa.Nveraa: morning; mukhDaa: face; khilnaa: come blossom; duniyaa: world; gulzaar: increased garden; hasiinaa: beautiful woman; mahajabeen: gorgeous face (see our deep dive into zohra jabeen for more!); roz: every day; baahe.N: arms; tamannaa: desire; kaii: many

This gem was requested by diehard fans Prabha Nair and also Lakshmi Sewdass. Give thanks to you because that this beloved request! we hope that wherever you are, girlfriend are continuing to remain safe and also can acquire the vaccine soon!