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What come expect?

Welcome, take care of Potter pan to another magical journey at Hogwarts, college of Witchcraft and Wizardry! True fans of the harry Potter series, have already witnessed the adventures the Harry and also his friends in ~ Hogwarts. They have actually walked action by step, as Harry and friends were required to play a game of chess for your lives, talk in a magical paris car, made it through the work of the Triwizard Tournament and even acquire victory in your battle versus the dark mr himself! us this time plank the hogwart Express, to join Harry and also friends as they confront the trials that parenthood. If you room a parental yourself, you have the right to possibly agree that this may be his greatest challenge yet.

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Short Summary

take care of Potter and the Cursed boy (HPATCC) opens as the reader join; Harry, Ginny, Ron, and also Hermione at the majesties Cross communication nine and three quarter, watching your children start their very own journeys at Hogwarts. Harry son, Albus Severus Potter seems much less than excited and also anxious to begin writing his hogwarts chapters. This is in stark contrast to the daughter of his best friends, Ron and Hermione’s Rose. Climbed is full of laughter and brimming v confidence. All aboard! The train departs v the next generation the wizards. Onward to their first day at Hogwarts!


~ above the young wizards’ arrival to school, the normal welcoming ceremony it s okay underway. During the ceremony, the time comes because that the new students to it is in sorted into their houses. In nearly expected fashion, climbed Granger-Weasley is sorted into Gryffindor, the exact same as she mother and also father. The boy of harry old rival Scorpius Malfoy, is likewise sorted into his dad Draco’s home Slytherin. The was now young Albus’ rotate who surprisingly is sorted right into Slytherin house as well.

Albus doesn’t have straightforward time making use of magic or making any kind of friends for that matter. It’s not tough to number out the Albus didn’t have a great first year.

Second-year come around and Albus struggles at hogwarts continues. Once again, in complete contrast Rose, has actually blossomed into a renowned Quidditch player and also does tiny less than snub Albus in ~ this point. Harry also tries to advice his son into making a couple more friend this year. These words, loss on hopelessly deaf ears as Albus essentially replies that he doesn’t need anyone other than his ideal friend Scorpius. Girlfriend can practically taste the irony in ~ this point. However, while Albus is happy v his finest mate Scorpius, yes sir a rumor around him floating around. Rumor has actually it the Voldemort is Scorpius’ real father. This clear doesn’t please Draco as tries to sway Harry right into using his position as Head of Magical law Enforcement, at the to adjust of Magic to protect against the rumor indigenous spreading. Those going on with Scorpius himself right currently you might ask? Well, Scorpius has actually a crush on our Rose however he no seem to have much luck together she doesn’t offer him any kind of time the day.

another year passes and Harry’s relationship with his child (the Cursed Child) becomes also worse. It was throughout a huge argument the Harry said Albus he sometimes wishes he no his son and also Albus likewise wishes he no his father.

later on on, Albus overhears a conversation going on between his father and Amos Diggory. Amos is the dad of Cedric, that was the winner the the Triwizard games during the year harry competed. However, Cedric was killed after he won the tournament under the order of Voldemort. This leader to the right now ongoing conversation in between Harry and also Amos wherein Amos asks harry to use a newly confiscated Time-Turner to go back in to conserve his kid from the fate of death.

Amos’ niece Delphi Diggory joins and converses v Albus together both hear in intently come the conversation going on. Adhering to this, the trio of Albus, Scorpius, and also Delphi decide to steal the Time-Turner to conserve the life of Cedric. They attain the wonder item native the office that the Minister the Magic. The Minister simply happens to it is in Hermione Granger-Weasley, not choose that’s a big deal or anything.

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the is a large deal! However, how simply a couple were able to take such a dangerous item from her office without her or everyone knowing. I dare say the bloody woman might be going slightly daft in her old age. Nevertheless, Albus and also co. Journey to the previous with an excellent haste to conserve the life of Cedric. Will certainly Cedric live be saved or will certainly the son of Voldemort ruin the plans?

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