Welcome back to the 90210 — so much has actually readjusted in these fnaipublishers.com Munchausen-free months. We have a nnaipublishers.com castmember, Dorit Kemsley, that in addition to her British husband also, Paul “PK” Klemsey, has actually resided in Europe and Nnaipublishers.com York, which is the only feasible explacountry (ish?) for her LiLo-esque artificial accent. Yolanda is dunzo, and also while the Housnaipublishers.comives don’t seem to miss out on her and her supermodel offspring, I perform. Deeply. Also, in between seasons, Kyle dipped her toes right into the Birkenstocks-pond and SHE CUT HER HAIR. My yearlengthy prayers for a Kyle-cut have lastly been answered — check out, 2016 wasn’t all poor after all! Oh, liknaipublishers.comise, Boy George doesn’t appear to have actually his own home, however more on that later on. We’re earlier.

I think we have the right to all agree that last seaboy of RHOBH was a snoooooooze, so I felt a big sigh of relief that we arrived on Queen Erika’s 45th birthday party for the premiere. You deserve to throw in all the Dubai trips in the human being, yet the girls are best in their natural, gajillion-dollar habitats. In enhancement to a Studio 54-themed party, Tom buys Erika a Marc Chagall painting (she’s not so into it) and also a $78,500 black panther Cartier diamond ring (she’s means into it).

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Lisa, Ken, Dorit, PK, Kyle, and smokin’ hot Mauricio satisfy for dinner at Pump, wright here both Giggy and also the freshly coiffed Harriboy sign up with the table, bereason VDP wouldn’t have it any type of other method. (Side note: Is anyone else a little bit worried around Giggy? Maybe it’s just because he was beside Harrison, yet he looked a little… rough. Any and all indevelopment would certainly be substantially appreciated.) They carry up the Dubai trip (why oh why?) and also many importantly, the feud that will seemingly take us with the season: Lisa vs. Lisa. It appears that Vanderpump and also Rinna might strangle each various other at any minute, and also it doesn’t seem like they’ll be finding any namaste shortly. Dorit is horrified: “I don’t favor the concept of woguys dealing with womales terribly and also bullying…” Awwww sweetie.

Rinna, on the various other hand, couldn’t care less about Vanderpump. Harry Hamlin bought her a nnaipublishers.com vehicle, and she has actually massive things to concern about, choose raising her 2 teenage daughters, one of whom she just learned got her cartilage pierced two years earlier. Oops. She appears to know a small more about her various other daughter, Delilah, that landed a modeling contract. Who else is prepared for a Hadid vs. Hamlin version off?

Now it’s time for a closer look right into Dorit’s life empire. The womale has actually a staff and a fifty percent. To help care for Jagger, 2, and Phoenix, 4 1/2 months, there’s the baby nurse, the nanny, 2 backup nannies, 3 housekeepers, and also Tiffany kind of, her husband’s assistant. Just maintaining it casual, ya know. Oh, and there’s additionally Georgie. That would certainly be Boy George, PK’s client, who lives at their house and curls up with the couple for weekly Video Game of Thrones vinaipublishers.coming parties. Apparently, the “Fate Chameleon” singer doesn’t have actually his own area, or at leastern that’s exactly how the Bravo producers make it seem. Aacquire, any and also all thoughts on that front are welcome, because something’s totally weird there…

Cut to Erika’s Studio 54 party — tbelow are even more disco balls than need to be legally allowed in one venue, Pussy Control is taking names at the door, and Erika Jayne is blasting with the speakers. (What, you thought she’d play, favor, Lemonade or something?) Erika is wearing a dress with a slit up to her chin that shows off a diamond-encrusted thong, and also Tom, well, he entirely forobtained the memo.

Somehow, the combicountry of Rinna’s sequin dress and huge brvery own wig (which Vanderpump threa10s to pull) make her lips look even bigger — maybe it has something to execute with the light showing off the sequins? SCIENCE.

Eileen presents Erika with a Young and also the Restless manuscript and offers her a duty on what she declares as “my show” for her birthday. (Pretty certain it’s not your present, Eileen.) Erika — and also daytime TV vinaipublishers.comers everywhere — are stoked.



No significant drama goes down at the party. Tright here isn’t a huge shwasted blowout because of the lack of food and endmuch less alcohol, and Kyle doesn’t also carry out a single split! (We much better not be seeing a entirety nnaipublishers.com Kyle through that hairreduced.) The best moment of excitement for me was as soon as I spied a Jax (Vanderpump Rules) look-achoose serving drinks, and as soon as a dancer that looked simply favor Bella Thorne popped up, however aget, no dice. There was the icy, anticlimactic run-in between Rinna and also Vanderpump, however on a range from “slut pig” to table flips, it was a petting zoo.

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One thing’s for certain, though: Vanderpump is no wallfreduced. She won’t let Rinna keep her from dancing. In truth, she’s coming ago more powerful than ever.