I"m investigate the murder of the senior Reader in _______, and I have the storylet "Talk to the Porters" available, which yields Sudden Insights.

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Since I"ve never seen almost everywhere else in the game any kind of other ar where you can conveniently farm any type of Advantage, i wonder if I must farm a the majority of them before going on v the story, or if there will certainly be comparable opportunities at higher levels, therefore that ns don"t need to do it now.

I"m a little unconfortable through too-powerful actions:

in part I are afraid using too-powerful actions/weapons/combos might make the game unfunin component just pretending they aren"t there is rather arbitrary and unfun too

(this reminds me the Symphony that the Night, which despite being one of the best games I"ve ever played, that is so basic I had actually to play it without any armor or protection)

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actually, you deserve to farm any benefit (in stock amounts) by simply having a friend of yours play through you; the Lodgings storylets provide you 1-2 of any advantage for 1 action (and other benefits, too) - enabling insane farming possibilities...
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The investigations right into the killing of the senior Reader in _____ room the just repeatable place to choose up suddenly Insights, and that choice will be closed to you when you complete the investigation. Once I went through this storyline, it was virtually the only method I provided in the investigation (after I"d wandered through the remainder of the storylets to check out the text). It will chew with your supply of Cryptic ideas that you"ve picked up in other University storylets, however it"s rather worth it.

The only drawback is that you"re walking to complete the college storyline v somewhere in the ballpark of 20,000 Whispered Secrets, i m sorry have couple of uses and also are rather time-consuming to transform up to beneficial items. Top top the other hand, Penstock"s Land firm (in the Bazaar tab) will offer you a prolonged lease ~ above the premises of the Bazaar for 80,000 Whispered Secrets. (Buying the Lease in ~ Penstock"s isn"t the many efficient method to carry out it — girlfriend can also buy it around 22% cheaper using 50 Bazaar patent in the Bazaar Side-Streets when you"re a human of Some prestige — yet converting from Whispered tricks to Bazaar permits is fairly time-consuming.)

As for whether having an oversupply of suddenly Insights is overbalanced: the isn"t. suddenly Insights space only an excellent for three things:

Reducing the variety of times friend fail a storylet and pick up Nightmares (at best, it"ll alleviate failures by 50%)Taking the social activity to mitigate NightmaresBurning lock at her lodgings (via "Invite a girlfriend to sign up with you in something terribly intellectual.") to transform directly to Watchful. 200 sudden Insights is, on average, about 14 points of Watchful.

Fallen London is a fairly long game, and also having ~200 second chances is only going to assist on 200 Watchful-related storylets. In the last analysis, having 2nd Chances is just going to save you actions quite than gift utterly imbalanced. I quite agree that having those sudden Insights will enable you to advance faster with the Watchful story of please London, yet other than that it"s mostly irrelevant. You"ll protect against some time in the State of part Confusion or the Mirror-Marches, or get a high Watchful faster, but that"s just time. Fallen London isn"t a race, and also there isn"t any PvP whereby being front of your fellow players is a game-breaking advantage.

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As a side note, friend could select to just never finish the investigation into the senior Reader"s death, but that will block friend from the storyline after ~ the University: Embarking top top a trip of clinical Discovery.