About take Me to her Heart

"Take Me To her Heart" is a 1988 song taped by stack Astley. Written and produced by share Aitken Waterman, the tune was released the exact same year as the 2nd single from the album, organize Me in her Arms. It to be a success on the UK Singles Chart where it peaked at number 8 and charted for eleven weeks. It was likewise a optimal 10 hit in Denmark, Germany, Ireland and Spain. Unlike most of Astley"s vault singles, it was never released in the U. S.

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Are we loversOr only simply friendsCome tomorrowWill ns be lonely againWhen you watch meIs the love in her eyesWhat friend feelingDeep under insideDo you think about me (think about me)When I"m far away?Do you dream around me (dream around me)Can I uncover a way?To do you desire me (make you want me)The means I desire youCause i think i love friend (think ns love you)Could friend love me too?Take me to your heartNever permit me goIf girlfriend knew what I"m feelingYou would not to speak nowTake me to your hearNever permit me goFor your love, for your loveIs all I must knowCan friend tell meWhen friend look in ~ meIf you require meIn every honestyBecause I"m certainAs sure as deserve to beI"d make you happyEternallyShe wants to dance with meCause I"ll hold her for this reason tight alongside meShe wants to dance v meCause I"ll let she be what she desires to due to the fact that I think about you (think about you)When you"re much awayAnd i dream about you (dream about you)Night and also dayCan i make you want me (make you want me)The method that I desire youCause i think i love friend (think ns love you)Could you love me too?She wants to dance v meCause I"ll hold her therefore tight beside meShe wants to dance with meCause I"ll let she be what she wants to be

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stack Astley Richard Paul "Rick" Astley ( /ˈrɪk ˈæstli/; born 6 February 1966) is one English singer-songwriter, musician, and radio personality. He is recognized for his 1987 song, "Never Gonna provide You Up", which to be a #1 hit single in 25 countries. Astley stop the record for being the just male solo artist to have his very first 8 singles with the top 10 in the UK and by retirement in 1993 had sold roughly 40 million records worldwide. More »