Over the past couple of weeks, a new meme has actually inundated society media, annoying and mystifying every in that path. “What is this new Pawn Stars meme?” asks a poster top top Reddit‘s “out the the loop” forum. The answer is: It’s the opened voice-over native the fact television collection Pawn Stars, around a man, a big son, and their pawn shop. 

You’re not out that the loop, the meme is just… dumb. 

The Pawn Stars picture works prefer this. 

Step One: paste the complying with text.

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“Hi, I’m rick Harrison, and also this is my pawn shop. Ns work here with mine old man and my son, ‘Big Hoss.’ whatever in here has a story and a price. One point I’ve learned after ~ 21 years—you never understand what is gonna come through that door.”

Step Two: there is no second step. This is the joke. 

According to know Your Meme, the “I’m rick Harrison” copypasta deserve to be traced ago to 4chan circa 2010. For part reason, it’s to be exhumed and trotted out, Weekend in ~ Bernie’s-style, everywhere 2016 social media. 

Meme on facebook pages like Bardock Obama and also Dank mim Melt stole Beams seem come be at the epicenter that this Rick-quake, and also it’s additionally all end Reddit’s assorted meme forums. 



Although this meme was dead prior to it ever before got started, it has actually spawned some new variations, hybrids the mix Pawn Stars with various other memes. 

In one version, the intro text is subtly changed to refer to huge Hoss as Harrison’s “large son.” “Large sons” was one of the biggest memes of 2015, and also still has some humor value today, but when couched within the insipid Pawn Stars meme, it is pearls prior to swine. 

Another sports spoofs the emoji chain messages that were so renowned in so late 2015 and early this year: 



And a 3rd mutation combines Harrison with the huge blue “Nut” button that was so popular in the spring of 2016: 


understand Your Meme

The most well-known (and creative) spin on the meme, though, is the one that replaces rick Harrison with one more character and also changes the details accordingly.

For example, this one from Reddit’s copypasta forum:

“I’m Harambe, and also this is mine zoo enclosure. Ns work here with mine zoo keeper and also my friend, Cecil the lion. Whatever in here has a story and a price. One point I’ve learned ~ 21 year – you never know WHO is gonna come over that fence.”

This one featuring weird YouTube picture Ethan Bradberry:


Or this one featuring Sad Pawpaw, who grandkids didn’t concerned dinner: 



It go on…


Bardock Obama/Facebook

…and on…


Bardock Obama/Facebook

…and on.


Bardock Obama/Facebook

Here is maybe the finest take on this meme, fancy Pokémon GIF:


unforeseen Dank Memes/Facebook

You can also just scramble the initial copypasta, for whatever that’s worth: 

I’m pawn shop, and this is my stack Harrison. Ns work right here with my old Hoss and my man, big son. Every little thing in story has a price and a here. One thing I’ve 21 years learned – you never door what is gonna come v that know.

Or hit it over the head through a thesaurus: 

Greetings; my provided name is Richard Harrison and also the facility us have gotten in is a retail facility that specializes in unredeemed goods, which is the legal residential property of yours truly. I right now employ my paternal parental unit, alias, “Elderly Male,” and the offspring that oneself, whose offered name is Corey Harrison, yet has actually assumed the identity, “Large Hoss.” each individual item at this time possessed by my fine retail facility beholds a an extensive narrative and also of course, this being a legal retail establishment, can be acqulred because that reasonable compensation. I have actually been the legal facilitator the this developed haberdashery since the year MCMXCV, and in those XXI years, I have been gradually lnformed that; her shall, at no time in the past, future, or present, be mindful of by way of monitoring or inqulry, any details whatsoever of the material products that will certainly proceed past the aperture the my framework where items are acquired and also distributed simultaneously.

“Hi, I’m stack Harrison,” have the right to be taken as component of the course of jokes that consist totally of pasted lines from popular music culture. Two of the many prominent examples are the manuscript of Jerry Seinfeld’s Bee Movie and the text to “Smooth,” through Santana ft. Rob thomas of Matchbox Twenty, indigenous the Grammy-winning album Supernatural. 

In this cases, and also the situation of Pawn Stars, the copypasta is the entirety joke. It’s a non-sequitur the pops increase on Facebook and might it seems to be ~ funny and also weird the an initial dozen time you see it. 

Bee Movie and “Smooth” much better lend themselves to other uses, though. When Vanity Fair ran a very bad profile of Margot Robbie, people mocked it by instead of the message with Seinfeld’s opening monologue or rob Thomas’s “Man, it’s a hot one,” etc. 

It’s hard to imagine “Hi, I’m rick Harrison” pulling the same rhetorical weight. Harrison is a character more akin to chuck Testa. In instance you don’t psychic your ancient meme history, Testa was a taxidermist whose name turned into a well-known interjection online about 2011. The was quickly overused and also driven into the ground, so there is no of funny that it didn’t also experience one ironic revival. 

The Pawn Stars image looks like it could be treading the very same path. There’s no subtlety or vital bent to the joke: simply take anything, insert Harrison. 

 That’s most likely why it’s i do not have anything on monster Twitter, and also various on facebook meme youngsters have currently complained around it to the daily Dot, asking us to placed it out of its misery like Miles Klee walk to dat Boi (o shit, R.I.P.) back in May.

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I don’t think we have actually to. The an innovative possibilities that PawnStars.meme have currently been exhausted.