I've just started playing rise of the dig Raider top top PS4 and also the video game is great.

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However, as shortly as I obtained the very first pistol (revolver?), every the other DLC handguns have unlocked. Looks prefer some of lock are lot stronger 보다 the revolver, particularly for the beginning stages that the game. Don't you think it's type of counterintuitive to have actually them unlocked every at once? ns would've loved the progression, starting from the worse models and also reaching come the more powerful ones.


Non of the dlc weapons room weaker or stronger. They space purely cosmetic. Through the exception of the Baba Yaga bow. You can stick come the revolver climate switch to the dlc hand gun once you unlock the typical hand gun if friend like.

Like /u/Bradwilde said, it's completely cosmetic. It operated the same way on Xbox together well; as soon as you purchased/downloaded any kind of DLC that had weapons, castle became immediately available.

Yeah I got nothing against cosmetics, however having a visually various (DLC) heavy Pistol obtainable while ns haven't unlocked the initial HP however kinda breaks the balance.

All the tools follow this pattern...

When friend unlock the first of the type of weapon, all the DLC or bonuses the that sort of weapon unlock.

Even if girlfriend didn't bought any type of DLC, you will certainly still obtain the bonus weapons (Goldenfang and also Harbinger, both to be community vast bonuses).

For the handguns/pistols, you have the an initial 3 tiers, that space the Revolver, the semi-auto pistol and also the hefty Pistol. External of this 3 tiers you have actually the Hailstorm, witch is a unique weapon. Many DLC because that hand guns are re-skin the the heavy Pistol.

Same condition (re-skin) of the hefty PistolMoon zero (Remnant Resistance DLC)~~Accipiter Nox (Siberian Ranger DLC)~~ (edit: that is for the semiautomatic)Same(ish) standing of heavy pistolPython or Venon Hand Cannon (Apex Predator DLC) more heavier damage, much less ammo capacity and less fire-rateSame condition (re-skin) the the revolver:Rattlesnake (community bonus for playing on the first month)Unique DLC handgun Hailstorm (20 year celebration) - The UZI from the first Tomb Raider game.So, some DLC weapons can make an easy game also easier... You have the right to simply avoid them.

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If you want to rest the midgame, as quickly as you get on the soviet base, because that 135 gold coins you have the right to buy the tactical shotgun and also unlock the Harbinger (community bonus), the is a re-skin of the complete auto shotgun, ... And also learn how to make dragonfire shells before fire arrows or molotov... So, full auto and fire way before intended.