The students of Stanton High School and also their elders continue to clash and miss each other on Rise Season 1 illustration 8, “The Petition.”

So far, Rise has really laid it on thick with how these students and also their parents/teachers connect well v the greater themes of spring Awakening. This is no to come out as a bad thing. No by any kind of means.

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I personally love that Spring Awakening isn’t simply the performance these children are creating. Lock are living it.

RISE — “The Petition” episode 108 –(Photo by: Eric Liebowitz/NBC)

One prime example of the is Sasha and her girlfriend Michael. Sasha is pregnant and must decide what to execute with she predicament. Especially due to the fact that the baby’s father is a class A douche who’s no really in the picture.

That sound eerily comparable to Wendala’s story in spring Awakening. If Melchior love Wendala he to be still unavailable come her.

Sasha, lot like Wendala, must make a decision and it’s heartwarming to see that she isn’t alone on this journey. At first, she has only herself and also Michael.

Michael’s story itself is beautiful and completely undercut in the grand scheme of things. He reflects the world that he is a man inside even if on the external he is clearly female. This strength and confidence is the specific opposite of who Moritz is.

RISE — “The Petition” illustration 108 — (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

That’s not to to speak Michael can’t play the role. Honestly, I can think of no one better. Michael can tap into the honesty and also integrity of what it means to be a trans teen and also use that to connect with Moritz’s darker, an ext emotional moments.

In fact, Michael’s finest non-Moritz styled decision all episode is taking the problem to one adult. As teens, we desire to think we know exactly how to handle everything on our own. Or that we have to. The fact is we can’t and we don’t.

RISE — “The Petition” illustration 108 — I(Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

By pass Mrs. Wolfe into the story the is showing not only Sasha that he is ending up being her truest girlfriend again but likewise Mrs. Wolfe that he trusts her through this problem.

The raw emotional honesty that Rosie Perez portrays in the scene is the finest all season. That is also what provides her the woman to clock on the show.

If Sasha is life Wendala’s story climate Simon’s is a parallel surrounding to the of Ernst and also Hanschen.

It’s been clear all along that Simon is stop something back. After the awkward kiss between him and Jeremy, I had actually hoped they would certainly at the very least talk whatever out. Instead, that burrows himself much more deeply into his hole.

Lou: us can’t water that down. Look. We have actually full dwellings now. This is our chance to show human being what is yes, really possible! we cannot be afraid of the material. Okay? This is an erotic scene. It’s about lust, repressed sexuality.

When Simon and Jeremy sing they must be yes, really highlighting their love and passion because that each other. However, Simon is more scared the his actual feelings to really adopt his character of Hanschen.

For those who don’t know, Hanschen is a no-nonsense, desires what the wants, type of character. Precisely the the opposite of what Simon is doing.

That’s no to speak Simon needs to be Hanschen. That would simply be pretty to view him stepping front a bit an ext and important embracing that he is inside. Also just being an yes, really performer is sufficient for me.

On the various other hand, it is nice to see that with all his struggles, Simon is helping someone else. He’s reflecting his mom that life doesn’t need to mean settling for anything much less than what is important desired.

He doesn’t talk directly to her of his emotional struggles, however it’s evident that through it all she still sees his heart. Mrs. Saunders is the note of a great mom. She sees she children and also wants lock to have actually nothing less than joy in life.

RISE — “The Petition” illustration 108 — (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

I was cheering because that her once she stuck her neck out for not only Simon yet herself. She husband requirements to understand that his close-minded actions isn’t act anyone any type of favors; least of every himself.

The absence of father/son bond between Mr. Saunders and Simon really pairs well with Lou and his parental leanings in regards to Maashous. While, Lou is struggling to hold on come his own son, Gordy, he is being successful in the department with his protege.

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It’s funny how that happens sometimes.

Maybe it’s their absence of biological link or the truth that Maashous is knee deep in the exact same passion job as Lou that provides their link what the is.

While Lou loves every one of his students and also worries about all of them. There is something between him and Maashous that is different, more unique.

Maashous: being in your house isn’t like simply a foster home.

Lou: friend aren’t just a foster kid.

In a way, castle desperately need each other. Maashous is trying to find a place to speak to home and Lou is searching for a young to contact son, at the very least one that reciprocates that love.

I’d love to check out this episode lead the Mazzuchelli family members towards fighting to keep Maashous. It’s clear that the boy deserves and belongs in their family. Let’s simply hope he can stay.

While every one of these stories are compelling and also make me really want to watch a power of feather Awakening again, the most interesting of them all is Lilette’s.

RISE — “The Petition” episode 108 — (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

From the beginning, mine money has actually been ~ above Lilette to take life through the horns and also make it her own. “The Petition” allows her a minute to do just that. Surprising no one, she bring away it.

Watching her finally lay it all on the table for her mommy is richly satisfying. ~ all, Vanessa Suarez requirements to wake up and also realize she’s the parent, not Lilette.

Lilette desires nothing more than to just be responsible for herself. But underneath the all, she believes the the one point to obtain her mom to adjust is just around the corner. Well, this time she’s uncovered it.

RISE — “The Petition” episode 108 — Pictured: (l-r) Casey Johnson as Gordy Mazzuchelli, Joe Tippett as Coach Sam Strickland — (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

Vanessa needs to realize that her actions with Coach Strickland have an extremely real, adult after-effects in regards to she daughter.

She is constantly telling her daughter what come do, how to act, and who to be around. Every the while she is lie to her daughter and doing the specific opposite the what she speak her.

While it is satisfying to see Lilette phone call Vanessa the she demands to prosper up and take responsibility, the is likewise a small sad. These two personalities have to be reliant top top each various other all season. How is this falling out going to affect their relationship?

Just as importantly, will it impact how Lilette portrays Wendala in the show?

I think the Lilette to sing Whispering in ~ the end of the illustration really offers us one idea of what could come. For everyone, consisting of the parents. The raw emotion you hear and also feel in she voice is what has me worried around the partnership with her mom.

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Rise has currently been recognized to load a punch or two per episode. This one has an ext subtle punches but they are there simply the same.

Other Thoughts

I think that the newfound bond between Gordy and also Robbie will become cathartic because that the both that them.Favorite moment of the entirety episode? Robbie acquisition Lou to meet his mom.I don’t choose the look at of pitting Wolfe against Lou

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