Band power times have been announced for the tenth execution of absent On The Range, may 20, 21 & 22 in ~ MAPFRE stadion in Columbus, OH. Red warm Chili Peppers, difficult rock titans Disturbed (who have actually returned after a 4-year hiatus), and rock icon/filmmaker plunder Zombie top an remarkable Rock ~ above The selection 2016 music lineup it is packed through rock aristocracy such together Deftones, Shinedown, 5 Finger death Punch, lug Me The Horizon, A Day to Remember, Megadeth, in ~ The Drive-In, Lamb the God, Sixx:A.M., Hellyeah, Pennywise and also more, along with rock’s hottest occurring artists.

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Rock top top The variety sets the traditional for American rock festivals. In addition to three stages that music, absent On The selection features more than a dozen that rock’s favourite comedians in the ROTR Rolling rock Comedy tent – consisting of Grammy-nominated Jay Mohr, huge Jay Oakerson, Nate Bargatze, Craig Gass, and also Bethany Dwyer, to add a special Saturday night the Metal show Live (based on the VH1 classic show) with Eddie Trunk, Don Jamieson and Jim Florentine. Other onsite experiences include The Music Experience, a craft Beer town featuring optimal breweries from the region, the absent On The selection 10th Anniversary photograph Retrospective, and new art installations.

In honor of rock On The Range’s milestone anniversary in the city of Columbus, the festival received awards of acknowledgment from both Columbus market Andrew J. Ginther and also the City Council, and also a resolution indigenous the Franklin County board of ar Commissioners. These commendations acknowledge the end $140 million in economic impact the festival has added to the city end its 10 year existence. Says Danny Hayes, CEO that Danny Wimmer Presents, co-producers of rock On The Range, “Columbus has actually been an amazing residence to America’s largest rock festival for the previous ten years. Us look forward to continuing this great partnership with the city.”

The current Rock ~ above The range performance schedule is as follows (subject come change):

Friday, may 20Monster main Stage phase Two9:35 afternoon Disturbed 7:10 pm Megadeth7:55 pm Shinedown 5:40 PM device Gun Kelly6:15 afternoon A Day to Remember 4:15 PM questioning Alexandria4:50 pm Sixx:A.M. 2:55 afternoon Trivium3:30 PM cartridge For my Valentine 1:40 PM enter Shikari2:15 afternoon Sevendust 12:30 pm Avatar1:05 afternoon Sick Puppies 11:45 to be Monster Truck

Stage three Rolling rock Comedy Tent5:40 pm Butcher Babies 7:20 afternoon Jay Mohr4:15 pm Memphis might Fire 7:00 pm Bethany Dwyer2:55 afternoon Miss may I 6:45 pm Mike Baldwin1:40 afternoon Andrew Watt 6:30 afternoon Jay Snyder12:30 pm We come As Romans 6:15 afternoon Adrian Cosby11:45 am Cane Hill

Saturday, might 21Monster key Stage phase Two9:45 pm Rob Zombie 7:20 pm Lamb the God8:05 PM 5 Finger fatality Punch 5:40 afternoon Ghost6:15 afternoon Hellyeah 4:20 afternoon Parkway Drive4:55 PM stole Panther 3:00 pm Issues3:35 afternoon Pop angry 1:45 afternoon Texas Hippie Coalition2:20 afternoon Saint Asonia 12:35 afternoon Aranda1:10 pm P.O.D. 11:50 to be Lacey Sturm

Stage three Rolling absent Comedy Tent5:40 pm Clutch 7:00 PM that Metal display Live v Eddie Trunk, Don Jamieson & Jim Florentine4:20 afternoon Crown The realm 6:30 afternoon Craig Gass3:00 PM new Years job 6:15 pm Madison Malloy1:45 afternoon Wilson12:35 pm Jelly Roll11:50 AM citizen Zero

Sunday, might 22Monster key Stage phase Two9:20 pm Red hot Chili Peppers 7:05 PM at The Drive-In7:50 afternoon Deftones 5:35 afternoon Pennywise6:10 PM lug Me The Horizon 4:10 afternoon Anti-Flag4:45 pm Wolfmother 2:50 pm Red sun Rising3:25 PM death From over 1979 1:40 pm Hands like Houses2:15 pm The Struts 12:30 afternoon The Glorious Sons1:05 PM extremely Suspect 11:45 am BOTB winner TBA

Stage 3 Rolling absent Comedy Tent5:35 PM in between The hidden & Me 7:30 PM large Jay Oakerson4:10 afternoon The knife 7:10 pm Nate Bargatze2:50 pm The Shrine 6:55 PM invoice Squire1:40 afternoon Wild Throne 6:40 pm Jay Armstrong12:30 PM password Orange 6:25 afternoon Chad Zumock11:45 AM silver Snakes

Doors open up at 11:00 AM every day.

Tickets for Rock ~ above The variety 2016 sold out much more than two months in advance, noting the 4th consecutive year that tickets sold out in advance for the largest and most acclaimed rock festival in the unified States. A significant 120,000 “Rangers” from all 50 states and around the world were in attendance over the three days the the 2015 festival.

Download the absent On The selection mobile application (available for totally free via iTunes and Google Play) because that festival information and also band power times.

Rock ~ above The selection is developed by Danny Wimmer Presents, AEG Live, and also MAPFRE Stadium.

Rock on The selection is sustained by great sponsors including: Monster Energy, Jack Daniel’s, Zippo, The Music Experience, and also Bud Light.

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Download the Rock on The Range mobile app (available for cost-free via iTunes and Google Play) for festival information and band performance times.




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