UFC bantam champ roars come 12th stoppage in as countless fightsRousey’s last four fights have actually lasted a combined 130 seconds28-year-old will likely face 3rd fight v Miesha Tate next


Ronda Rousey needed simply 34 secs to score a KO victory on Saturday. Photograph: Buda Mendes/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa gmbh via Getty Images
Ronda Rousey needed just 34 seconds to score a KO victory on Saturday. Photograph: Buda Mendes/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa gmbh via Getty Images

Ronda Rousey want to knockout Bethe Correia. For this reason she did.

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The UFC’s female bantamweight champion scored her 12th stoppage in as countless fights at an early stage Sunday morning in Rio, plastering Cerreia v punches and also knees for 34 secs until referee john McCarthy called a halt to the action.

The finish came after the broad-shouldered 135lb Rousey, a 16-1 favourite in ras Vegas sportsbooks, lifted a knee into her previously unbeaten challenger’s mid section, scored a left hook that stunned Correia, and ended the display with a best to the temple adhered to by an additional short left. Correia had promised to end Rousey’s reign. Instead, she to be just an additional violently disposed of would-be queen.

Amazingly, the official time that the struggle was four seconds much more than Rousey’s last two wins combined: a 16-second KO over Alexis Davis and also a 14-second armbar of Cat Zingano. The win marks Rousey’s 11th first-round win in 12 bouts, ensuring her standing as the most leading female blended martial artist in the UFC. She is nicknamed ‘Rowdy’ Ronda, after the agree wrestler she committed the victory to, Rowdy Roddy Piper, who passed far Friday in Los Angeles. Prefer the agree wrestler, Rousey has developed her very own space, coming to be the very first female athlete to it is in a pay-per-view attract as she has actually transcended UFC to get in Hollywood and also became the challenge of many products and ventures.

Coming right into the fight in ~ a sold-out HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro, a location where most civilization wrongly presumed the fans would certainly overwhelmingly support the 32-year-old Brazilian challenger, Rousey claimed this dispute was the most an individual of her career. Correia made comments in the pre-fight develop up about the possibility that Rousey might think about taking her very own life if she come out top top the losing end. Both sentiments in that statement to be ill-formed. The concept of pass up self-destruction as a promotional tool was distasteful in the extreme, particularly considering the widely-known story of Rousey’s father, Ron, who took his very own life when his daughter was just a girl.

On Saturday, Rousey walked right into the arena attract an extreme stare, ~ above a mission come send a message that enemies should leaving her household alone. She demeanor matched she performance. As she neared the front of the Octagon door a fan threw a Brazilian flag in her face. Rousey didn’t flinch. The fans had been with her all week in Rio. They to be there to view Rousey, and so leading some movie critics have labeled her weight course weak. Because that such is the force of Rousey, and also the sheer damaging nature of her wins against the women who action to her. Rousey is the good. She is incredibly professional after a lifetime of maintain to be the best. She is preternaturally focused and driven and capable of masterfully handling an enormous collection of expectations.

Though the females she has ruined are good fighters, the variety of legitimate contenders are dwindling. The UFC is in a position where a 3rd fight with Miesha Tate, a serviceable, tough, experienced fighter, is following on the docket because that the 28-year-old Rousey.

But numerous fans desire to watch Rousey hit Cris “Cyborg” Justino, who ended the power of the last golden girl to run the female next of mixed martial arts, Gina Carano. Yet there is no to compare Carano come Rousey, who, together her record plainly shows, is a killer in every imaginable way.

It’s gained to the point that world want to view Rousey fight just for the adrenaline rush. That’s just how it feels as soon as a fight critical as long as your average Vine. The promise v an adversary like Justino is the Rousey will ultimately be tested, which, after ~ all, is every she could hope because that at this point.

“What human being are seeing is the absolute height of an athletic woman’s potential and also that’s worth the money,” Rousey said on Wednesday.

That is true. However people are witnessing this at the expense of any type of real feeling of competition, i beg your pardon of food is no Rousey’s fault – at the very least not yet though that could readjust the longer she pushes off Cyborg, i m sorry is what she said she intends to do as she has designs on future opponents and also Hollywood films.

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Rousey has done everything she’s wanted because emerging into the MMA human being – and succeeded too. She has allowed herself small moments to enjoy her success, yet theose moment are as fleeting together her fights. The setup now is to take it a vacation, regroup and get back to the grind.