WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--To memory the life of Mrs. Rosa Parks — RRPI and also O Museum in The Mansion are asking civilization to come together and hold hands through their friends, family, neighbors, school and also office mates starting February 4th, the birthday of Mrs. Parks.

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Hootie & the Blowfish have offered the legal rights to usage their iconic debut hit “Hold mine Hand” because that the template music the the nation-wide event. VIEW: “Hold my Hand Campaign” video

“The Hootie & the Blowfish song is a perfect method to introduce and also to sustain an yearly Mrs. Parks’ nationwide hand holding campaign -- making that the anthem for the movement,” says Ms. Elaine Steele, co-founder of RRPI. “We room so thankful to castle for their generosity and love.”

Help spread out Mrs. Parks’ message of hope, unity, and also love once you participate — paper and share your hand holding suffer on your favorite social networks and challenge your friends/followers to article their own video or image/photograph. Write-up your videos and images utilizing the hashtag #HoldMyHandChallenge

On December 1, 1955, Mrs. Parks ignited the polite rights motion when she refuse to provide up she seat to a white passenger ~ above a municipal bus in Montgomery, Alabama. She to be a life-long advocate for human being rights and also dignity for all.

“The organize My Hand Challenge” is the development of RRPI and also H.H. Leonards, Founder of O Museum, who opened up The Mansion February 14, 1980 and who noted a home-away-from-home because that Mrs. Parks. Mrs. Parks relocated there for a period of time after she to be brutally assaulted in her residence in Detroit.

Holding hands is something Mrs. Parks did to accumulate those she met. She said, “It’s a simple, non-threatening gesture the holds immense opportunity to ignite readjust and to show how we need to all emphasis on what we have actually in typical with each other. Once you hold hands, over there is no fear.”

The kickoff event at the O Museum, also home to RRPI, D.C., corresponds with the State that the Union Address. “What better way to to mark unity in our country on the day, than to have people hold hand in Mrs. Parks’ honor throughout the world,” claimed Ms. Leonards.

“Mrs. Parks believed in the strength of touch — she gently touched the hand of practically everyone she met, indigenous the Pope, to President’s, Secretary the State, to human being who served our government with generosity and also love, to civilization that she met at church to world in her neighborhood, however especially to the children of the world, that she loved, through all she heart. She knew that holding hands unites us, rises love, create bonds and provides a feeling of security -- and most crucial community,” stated Ms. Leonards.

“Now more than ever before the human being needs to be reminded the Mrs. Parks’ tenderness strength, her tranquil activism, and her capacity for compassion and also forgiveness,” states Darius Rucker, of Hootie & the Blowfish. “We expect our tune will provide a way to readjust hearts and minds. Laws may have actually changed, yet we still need to adjust some people’s hearts.”

Everyone is urged to visit The Library of Congress’ Exhibition “Mrs. Rosa Parks: In Her own Words” to learn much more about Mrs. Rosa Parks’ life and also work.

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Additional information about the tasks may be derived by visiting holdmyhandchallenge.org

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