This file provides information on how to troubleshoot linking and also importing errors while importing audio files.

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When you shot to income audio documents like AVCHD (MTS), MP3, and MP4 records in your project using Premiere Pro, you might get an error blog post that says, " file has an unsupported compression type." This error is sometimes noticed with various other audio and video products favor After Effects and Media Encoder.

When you watch an error, " file has one unsupported compression type", inspect the Media cache and the Media cache database in Premiere Pro.

Select modify Menu>Preferences>Media Cache Database on home windows OS or Premiere Pro food selection > choices > Media Cache Database on Mac OS. Do a note of this location.

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Clearing media cache

Navigate to the Media Cache location specified under Premiere pro > Preferences and also rename the folders, Media Cache file, and Media Cache. Select Clean to clean the media cache database folder. 

If friend still check out an issue, change the paper directory wherein the AVCHD documents reside and also check if the worry gets resolved. For example, if the folder framework is:


Create one more folder, XYZ, and move the contents of the AVCHD folder come XYZ folder.

Renaming the 'naipublishers.comInstalledCodecs' folder on windows OS
Renaming the 'naipublishers.comInstalledCodecs' folder on Mac OS