Sometimes you need to farm specific items or monster in Brave Frontier. We have actually prepared a rapid quest loot drop find table to aid you conveniently locate the items the you room looking for. We have likewise included the best EXP for certain zones so that you have the right to make the many out of her energy.

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ZoneMapElementMonstersDropsBest XP/Energy Stage
Adventurer"https://naipublishers.com/s PrairieMistralAll (First)Burny, Squirty, Mossy, Sparky, Glowy, Gloomy, Goblin, Merman, Mandragora, HarpyGreen Drop, Blue Drop, environment-friendly Claw, Don Nut, green Grass, green Bone, Thunder Eye, irradiate Eye, green Pelt, environment-friendly BugMonsters the the Prairie (8.33)
Cave of FlamesMistralFireBurny, Goblin, Fire Nymph, thef Leon, Witch LizaGreen Grass, eco-friendly Claw, Blue Drop, Fire Eye, Don Nut, Koka Nut, Red GrassThe Blazing Beast (16)
Egor SnowfieldMistralWaterSquirty, Merman, Water Nymph, Pirate Verica, monk MerithGreen Grass, eco-friendly Drop, eco-friendly Fang (Pirate Verica), green Pelt, Theo Feather, Blue Drop, Buru Nut, Red Grass, Hoku Nut, Water Eye, green Bug, green BoneThe Dragon searching Ice Night (16.6)
Forest that BeastsMistralHunter from the ForestMossy, Mandragora, earth Nymph, Bandit Zaza, Geomancer ClarisGreen Grass, environment-friendly Drop, green Fang, green Pelt, Theo Feather, Blue Drop, Buru Nut, Red Grass, Hoku Nut, earth Eye, environment-friendly Bug, green BoneHunter native the forest (16.8)
Magutagal WetlandsMistralThunderSparky, Harpy, Thunder Nymph, skies Pirate Grafl, Dancer MayGreen Grass, environment-friendly Claw, Blue Drop, Thunder Eye, Don Nut, Koka Nut, Red GrassThe Thundering Strategist (17.4)
Remains the MirzaMistralLightGlowy, Angel, light Nymph, Unicorn, Sage MimirGreen Grass, eco-friendly Claw, Blue Drop, irradiate Eye, Don Nut, Koka Nut, Red GrassWielder the the irradiate (12.75)
Monster"https://naipublishers.com/s NestMistralDarkGloomy, Skeleton, Dark Nymph, Medusa, Sorceress Lily, MimicGreen Claw, Suzu Nut, Hoku Nut, Blue Drop, Dark EyeManipulator of the Dark (13.25)
Tower of MistralMistralAll (Final)All Mistral monster (Except elemental Nymphs), steel Ghost, MimicGreen GrassThe Forged Gigantor (22.5)
Kagan DesertMorganFireMimic, Fire Spirit, Orthos, thef Leon, Witch LizaGreen Grass, Red Grass, Lynn Feather, Blue Claw, Blue Pelt, Blue Bug, Blue Bone, Red Stone, Don Nut, Hoku Nut, environment-friendly Drop, Blue Drop, purple Drop, hard Bone, spirit StoneThe strength Seeking Swordsman (66.67)
Breeze BeachMorganWaterMimic, Water Spirit, Ramia, Pirate Verica, monk MerithGreen Grass, green Drop, Buru Nut, Blue Bug, Blue Pelt Rhau Feather, Blue Drop, Lynn Feather, Rhau Feather, violet Drop, Red Stone, spirit Stone, tough BonePrincess that the Icy blade (72.22)
Nocturnal ForestMorganEarthMimic, earth Spirit, Fairy, Bandit Zaza, Geomancer ClarisKoka Nut, Blue Bug, environment-friendly Drop, Lynn Feather, violet Drop, Yomi Feather, Hoku NutThe earth Shattering Spear (77.78)
Asekutt WastelandsMorganThunderMimic, Thunder Spirit, Harpy, sky Pirate Grafl, Dancer May, MinotaurGreen Drop, Don Nut, Rhau Feather, Lynn Feather, Blue Bone, purple Drop, Guardian EyeA speed of Lightning (84.44)
Shrine the LystiaMorganLightBat Mimic, irradiate Spirit, Angel, Orthos, Sage Mimir, UnicornHoku Nut, Koka Nut, Blue Pelt, Red Grass, Bara Nut, Blue Claw, Blue Grass, Blue Drop, heart Stone, difficult Bone, Lynn Feather, Yomi Feather, purple Drop, Blood PeltSword the Lightning rate (80)
Destroyed CathedralMorganDarkBat Mimic, Dark Spirit, Medusa, Sorceress Lily, metal Ghost, SkeletonBlue Bone, Red Drop, Koka Nut, Hoku Nut, Red Grass, Lynn Feather, violet Drop, Blue Bug, Rhau Feather, Suzu Nut, Blue Drop, Blood PeltThe peculiar Black article (86)
Tower of MorganMorganAll (Final)All Morgan monsters except the element spirits.

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Bara Nut, Blood Pelt, Blue Bone, Blue Claw, Blue Grass, Bon Nut, Buru Nut, Guardian Eye, Hoku Nut, Koka Nut, light Eye, Lynn Feather, Red Drop, Red Grass, Rhau Feather, Suzu Nut, Yomi FeatherThe Eroding Barricade (100)
Volcano EldentSt. LamiaFireBat Mimic, Fire Idol, Orthos, theif Leon, Witch Liza, Redcap, Salamander, Beast ZegarRed Pelt(Thief Lion), Fire Eye, Red Claw, environment-friendly Grass, Red Drop, Lynn Feather, Red Grass, Blue Grass, point of view TearPhoenix the the Volcano (166.67)The Banished Fire Dragon (166.67)
Sacred Mt. CrayliaSt. LamiaWaterWater Idol, Sahuagin, Pirate Verica, Plunderer Verica, priest Merith, Ramia, Rantoul, ZephuGreen Drop, environment-friendly Grass, Red Drop, Red Bug, Red Pelt, Buru Nut, Water Eye, Red Grass, DiviRuler that the Water (206.67)
Blood ForestSt. LamiaEarthEarth Idol, Polevik, Bandit Zaza, Geomancer Claris, Trent, Fairy, Archer LarioRed Bug, planet Eye, Bara Nut, environment-friendly Drop, Red Fang, Lynn Feather, green Grass, Red Grass, soul Stone, tough Bone, Red Bone, angel Tear, Worn Fang(Rare Drops: Fujin"https://naipublishers.com/s Eye, Gospel Stone)Maiden the the trees (241.25)
Mt. WistoreaSt. LamiaThunderBat Mimic, Thunder Idol, Minotaur, skies Pirate Grafl, Dancer May, Aero, Sylph, torture WeissRed Claw, Red Bone, Thunder Eye, Buru Nut, Don Nut, Suzu Nut(Rare Drops: Fujin"https://naipublishers.com/s Eye, God Stone)The Riotous Thunderbird (251.25)
Secluded SanctuarySt. LamiaLightBat Mimic, light Idol, Ramia, Sage Mimir, Priestess Maria, Luna, Unicorn, ArchangelBara Nut, Don Nut, Suzu Nut, hard Bone, heart Stone, environment-friendly Grass, light Eye, Red Fang, Yomi Feather, Buru Nut, green Drop, angel Tear(Rare Drops: Fujin"https://naipublishers.com/s Eye, Gospel Stone)The Goddess of battle (223.33)
Cave the MaliceSt. LamiaDarkBat Mimic, Dark Idol, Orthos, Sorceress Lily, Skeleton King, Mifune, Medusa, LilinGreen Drop, spirit Stone, difficult Bone, Dark Eye, God rock (Vampire), Blue Grass, Red Fang, Suzu Nut, environment-friendly Grass(Rare Drops: God Stone)The Midnight Aristocrat (233.33)
St. Lamia PalaceSt. LamiaAll (Final)All systems from St. Lamia other than Elemental Idols.Green Drop, Red Drop, purple Drop, Bara Nut, Buru Nut, Don Nut, Suzu Nut, Blue Grass, eco-friendly Grass, Red Grass, Rhau Feather, Lynn Feather, Red Fang, Worn Fang, Dark Eye, earth Eye, irradiate Eye, Water Eye, Fire Eye, Thunder Eye, angel Tear, Red Bone(Rare Drop: God Stone, Fujin"https://naipublishers.com/s Eye, hole Rock , divine Light)The Fourfold shaft (260)
Greyska CavesCordelicaFireBat Mimic, Fire Spirit, Dark Spirit, Orthos, thief Leon, Witch Liza, Minotaur, Harpy, Medusa, Sorceress LilyGreen Grass, Lynn Feather, Blue Claw, Don Nut, Blue Pelt, Blue Bone, Red Stone, Suzu Nut, Hoku Nut, Koka Nut, green Drop, Blue Drop, violet Drop, Red Grass, hard Bone, heart Stone, Rhau Feather(Rare Drop: Blood Pelt, Guardian Eye)Hot Gale"https://naipublishers.com/s Caress (106.25)
Ignia FallsCordelicaWaterBat Mimic, Water Spirit, Ramia, Pirate Verica, light Spirit, Geomancer Claris, Angel, Bandit Zaza, Mandragora, MermanBara Nut, Blue Bug, Blue Drop, Blue Pelt, green Drop, green Grass, tough Bone, Hoku Nut, Koka Nut, Lyon Feather, purple Drop, Red Grass, Rhau Feather, Water Eye, Yomi Feather(Rare Drop: Blood Pelt, Guardian Eye, Red Stone)An Invisible presence (112.5)
Lomass ForestCordelicaEarthMimic, Bat Mimic, Dark Idol, Fairy, priest Merith, Geomancer Claris, Medusa, Sahuagin, Ramia, Sorceress Lily, earth Idol, Water Idol, Skeleton King, advisor Weiss, Mifune ZegarBara Nut, Buru Nut, eco-friendly Drop, environment-friendly Grass, tough Bone, Lynn Feather, violet Drop, Red Bone, Red Bug, Red Drop, Red Fang, Red Feather, Red Pelt, spirit Stone, Suzu Nut(Rare Drop: Fujin"https://naipublishers.com/s Eye, God Stone, hollow Rock, Guardian Eye, magnificent Light, Karma Stone, Prized Stone)The Roaring Warrior (192)
Valtan FortressCordelicaThunderBat Mimic, Thunder Idol, irradiate Idol, Fire Idol, Zephu, Archer Lario, Luna, thef Leon, Orthos, Archangel, Sage Mimir, Pegasus, Witch Liza(Rare Drop: Fujin"https://naipublishers.com/s Eye, Prized Stone)Cold-Hearted Sentries (203)
Tower the LightCordelicaLightRantoul, Plunderer Verica, Pirate Verica, Sahuagin, Ramia, monk Merith, Sage Mimir, Salamander, Unicorn, PegasusFire Eye, large Claw, Bara Nut, Blue Grass, light Eye, Red Drop, environment-friendly Drop, magnificent Light, gigantic Pelt(Rare Drop: Fujin"https://naipublishers.com/s Eye, Prized Stone, Fate Stone, angry Stone, Paladin Stone)Howls and Gunshots (219.17)
Cordelica MineCordelicaDarkSkeleton King, Lilin, Bandit Zaza, Polevik, Geomancer Claris, Medusa, Sorceress LilySuzu Nut, Blue Grass, Red Drop, eco-friendly Grass, Dark Eye(Rare Drop: Paladin stone (Babdut Zaza), Fate Stone, Tidal Eye, magnificent Light, Beast Pelt)Hunter of fatality (229.17)
Giant"https://naipublishers.com/s RuinsCordelicaAll (Final)Jewel God, steel KingBlue Grass, green Drop, Fire Eye, environment-friendly Grass, Water Eye, Thunder Eye, huge Claw, irradiate Eye, Water Eye, Red Drop, planet Eye, Beast Pelt, Dark Eye, Suzu Nut, Tidal Eye, Blood BoneThe large God Awakes (237.5)
Julep VillageAmdahlFireRedcap, Orthos, thef Leon, Witch Liza, Salamander, Orc, Fire Spirit, Fire Ghost, Bat MimicGreen Grass, eco-friendly Drop, Red Drop, Blue Grass, Demon Claw, Heth Feather, Yellow PeltAbandoned ruins (195)
Ghost delivery LegniaAmdahlWaterRamia, Pirate Verica, priest Merith, Sahuagin, Rantoul, Wendigo, Water Spirit, Mimic, Bat Mimic, Water GhostGreen Drop, environment-friendly Grass, Red Drop, Blue Grass, Demon Claw, Heth Feather, Water Eye, Yellow PeltVenture within (198)
Elios PlainsAmdahlEarthFairy, Bandit Zaza, Geomancer Claris, Polevik, Trent, Dwarf, planet Spirit, planet GhostGreen Drop, green Grass, Red Drop, Blue Grass, Demon Claw, golden Bug, Yellow Bone, Heth Feather, Yellow PeltThe Graceful number (203)
Saji MinesAmdahlThunderSylph, skies Pirate Grafl, Dancer May, Aero, Minotaur, Empusa, Thunder Spirit, Thunder GhostGreen Drop, eco-friendly Grass, Red Drop, Blue Grass, Demon Claw, gold Bug, Yellow Bone, Heth Feather, Yellow PeltEnlightenment the the periods (205)
Lamellia TempleAmdahlLightOrthos, Ramia, Fairy, Minotaur, Unicorn, Sage Mimir, Priestess Maria, Archangel, Al-mi"https://naipublishers.com/raj, Pegasus, irradiate Spirit, irradiate GhostGreen Drop, environment-friendly Grass, Red Drop, Blue Grass, Demon Claw, golden Bug, Yellow Bone, Heth Feather(Rare Drop: Yellow Pelt)Descending force (198.33)
Ghost town EdilaAmdahlDarkOrthos, Ramia, Fairy, Minotaur, Medusa, Sorceress Lily, Lilin, Skeleton King, Imp, Dark SpiritGreen Drop, environment-friendly Grass, Red Drop, Blue Grass, Demon Claw, golden Bug, Yellow Bone, Heth Feather(Rare Drop: Yellow Pelt)Dark Night Requiem (202.5)
Amdahl CastleAmdahlAll (Final)The Commander"https://naipublishers.com/s ability (206.67)
Elsta CraterEncervisFire(Rare Drops: Demon Claw, Yellow Pelt)The Flames that preeminence (210)
Lake AldelaEncervisWaterAngel Tear, Blue Grass, eco-friendly Drop, green Grass, Water Eye(Rare Drops: Yellow Pelt)The Lakeside understand (212)
Castle AveniaEncervisEarthBlue Grass, planet Eye, eco-friendly Drop, eco-friendly Grass, Red DropCastle Winds (214)
Gadllian RavineEncervisThunderBlue Grass, eco-friendly Grass, Red Drop, Thunder Eye(Rare Drops: golden Bug)The magnificent Wind Blows (216)
Alman MausoleumEncervisLightBara Nut, Blue Grass, green Drop, green Grass, irradiate Eye(Rare Drops: gold Bug)The definition of Holiness (181.67)
Land of the DeadEncervisDarkBlue Grass, Dark Eye, eco-friendly Grass, irradiate Eye, Red Drop, Suzu NutVile desires Come True (183.33)
Sky fort SolarisEncervisAll (Final)The foolish God Descends (200)
Dejour RuinsPalmynaFireComet Bug, Demon Claw, Fujin"https://naipublishers.com/s Eye, God Stone, yellow Drop (Orc), gold Fang (Great thief Leon), Gospel Stone, Hades nippers (Lancia), Musa Feather, silver Drop (Zegar), Yellow Grass, Yellow PeltThe commander of Flames (215.38)
Obselion CastlePalmynaWaterAngel Tear, Blue Grass, environment-friendly Drop, environment-friendly Grass, Water Eye(Rare Drops: Yellow Pelt)Frozen Halls (212.5)
Emerald PathPalmynaEarthBlue Grass, planet Eye, eco-friendly Drop, green Grass, Red DropThe shadow in a Tree (178.33)
Grandelt RuinsPalmynaThunderRace through The City (216)
Arlind SeminaryPalmynaLight
Noera BattlegroundPalmynaDarkThe human being in she Eyes (233.33)
Spirit people PalmynaPalmynaAll (Final)Vargas(Silver Pelt), Selena(Hades Claw), Lance(Comet Bug)A Formidable visibility (250)