There will certainly be a rock "N" roll 5K race on Saturday, adhered to by the marathon and fifty percent marathon on Sunday.

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By Holly Resh and also Rachael Guerra•Published June 1, 2017•Updated on June 2, 2017 in ~ 3:50 pm

Runners, walkers and also spectators will fill the highways of san Diego,as more than 30,000 civilization from every 50 states and also 37 countries take part in the lively, music-filled2017 absent ‘N" role Marathonthis Sunday.

The race will certainly be celebrating "20 years Running" since the inaugural marathon in 1998.

U.S Olympian Meb Keflezighi and Harriette Thompson, the world"s earliest woman to end up a marathon, will certainly headline the weekends activities.

San Diego residents and visitors deserve to expect road closures and also delaysbetween 5:00 a.m. And also 2:30 p.m. To accompany the marathon. Police officers and event personnel will certainly guide and control traffic. The highways will reopen top top a rolling basis as quickly as the critical participant has passed and also all course assistance materials have been removed.



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An interaction map of the closures deserve to be checked out here. Over there is also a freeway and also ramp closure grid, roadway closure gridand no park gridavailable ~ above the map.

Both the marathon and the fifty percent marathon will start on Sunday at 6:15 a.m. On sixth Avenue and Quince Street at Balboa Park. The race will certainly take the entrants all about San Diego. To see the course map, click here.

Live, neighborhood bands will certainly be playing along the race course. Over there will also be cheerleading squads, that will be participating in a sprint on the food competition.

The end up line is located at Ash Street, in between Columbia Street and State Street. A cost-free Finish heat Festival will certainly be held at Waterfront Park, and will include tasks and live music. The headliner Michael Franti & Spearheadwill performfor participants and also spectators.

Organizers encourage spectators to take it the trolley, Coaster or walk, depending on their location to the complete line area downtown. They claimed parking might prove complicated amid all the web traffic congestion. For more detailed info on parking and also transportation, click here.

Rock ‘n’ roll attendees room being urged by the city Transit device (MTS) to take it the Trolley to prevent traffic congestion.

MTS says there will be totally free parking in ~ the Qualcomm stadion trolley station, wherein there space 5,000 complimentary parking spots. The Trolley in all directions will start running in between 4 and also 5 a.m. Sunday.

MTS states that two finest stations to get to the starting line are the fifth Avenue Station and also the ar Center/Little Italy Station. The starting line is at 6th Avenue and Quince.

The absent ‘n’ roll Marathon is offering pre-paid spaceship bus organization from the county Center/Little Italy terminal to the beginning line.

MTS states the best option for runners is to pre-purchase a spaceship ticket at the rock ‘n’ role Expo and also pre-purchase one MTS Day happen on the Compass Cloud app and then take it the eco-friendly Line to county Center/Little Italy. The begin Line shuttle ticket is not valid on MTS services.

Early Trolley trips will be reserved on the green Line from Qualcomm stadium (with stops in Mission Valley, Fashion Valley, Old Town and also more) to ar Center/Little Italy Station. The beginning line is 1.3 miles walking street from the station.

The Trolley departing times are as follows:

4:08 a.m.4:16 a.m.4:23 a.m.4:31 a.m.4:38 a.m.4:46 a.m.

For those gathering at the end up line, the ar Center/Little Italy terminal (Green Line) is measures away from all the festivities organized at Waterfront Park.

The absent ‘n’ Roll race will cause detours for 18 MTS bus routes, claims MTS. Influenced routes and also stops are posted on their website.

A fun fact around the race this weekend is more than 57% of the participants room women.

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For everything you need to know around the mountain Diego rock ‘n’ roll Marathon, visit the occasion website.

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