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Santo y Blue Demon contra losmonstruos

(Prods. Sotomayor, 1969) Exec Prod: Heberto Dávila Guajardo; Prod:Jesús Sotomayor Martínez; Dir: Gilberto MartínezSolares; Scr: Rafael García Travesí ; Story: RafaelGarcía Travesí ; Photo: Raúl Martínez Solares;Music Dir: Gustavo C. Carreón ; Supv: Miguel SotomayorMartínez; Prod Mgr: Julio Guerrero Tello; Asst Dir: Mario Llorca;Film Ed: José Bustos; Decor: José Tirado; Camera Op: CiriloRodríguez; Lighting: Horacio Calvillo; Makeup: María delCastillo; Sound Supv: Jaime L. Fields; Sound Ed: RaúlPortillo; Dialog Rec: havier Mateos; Sound Dir: Galdino Samperio; Union:STPC CAST: Santo (himself), Blue Demon (himself), Alejandro Cruz (BlueDemon*), Jorge Radó (Otto Halder**), Carlos Ancira (Bruno Halder),Hedy Blue (Gloria Halder), Raúl Martínez Solares (boy whoseparents are eliminated by werewolf), Adalberto Martínez "Resortes"(dancer in music number), Rafael Muñoz "Santanon" (Waldo),Vicente Lara (wolfman), Manuel Leal (Franquestain ), Gerardo Zepeda(cyclops; zombie), Fernando Rosales (the mummy), David Alvizu (thevampire), Elsa María Tako (Sonia, vampire woman), Yolanda Ponce(Fabiola, vampire woman), Carlos Corona (detective), Juan Garza(wrestler), Cavernario Galindo (zombie), Carlos Suárez (campesinovictim the werewolf), Margarita Delgado (wife of campesino), Manuel "Gordo"Alvarado (wrestling impresario) **
Mexico City release: might 1970; 6 mainly run; Authorization: A NOTES: This is one of the better-known, non-dubbed Santo films,chiefly because of its "all-star" lineup of monsters (one of which--theCyclops--was left end from La nave de los monstruos, a Sotomayorproduction made ten years earlier; a midget alien with an exposed brainalso shows up in both films, return its role in Santo y BlueDemon... Is minimal). Along with Santo contra Blue Demon en laAtlantida--made just before this picture--Santo y Blue Demon contralos monstruos has the "mystery" credit, listing Alejandro Cruz (akaBlack Shadow) "as" Blue Demon. Probably Cruz plays the angry duplicate BlueDemon, yet I suppose it is feasible that the real Blue Demondoesn"t appear at every in these 2 pictures. OR, the the credits arejust plain wrong. That should also be provided that the "guest appearance" ofAdalberto Martínez "Resortes" is obviously clip shot because that anotherfilm, due to the fact that the color and film stock execute not complement the remainder of the pictureat all. I intend I have to dislike this film much more than i do. The isn"t muchgood, but the filmmakers obviously tried to supply on the promise of thetitle (although Blue Demon doesn"t really obtain to it is in "versus" the monstersexcept at the very beginning and really end; the remainder of the time, that iswith the monsters against Santo!): over there are plenty of battlesbetween Santo and all of the monsters, through very little plot come getin the way. Therefore what if the fights space all inconclusive and clumsy, and also sowhat if numerous of the monsters (notably the vampire man and the mummy)are play by skinny males who don"t organize up really well versus Santo (themummy does practically nothing; Frankenstein"s monster is likewise mostlywindow-dressing; many of the activity is taken on by the wolfman, played byveteran Vicente Lara "Cacama," the Cyclops (Gerardo Zepeda in the suit),and Blue Demon). Santo y Blue Demon contra los monstruos isn"tdull, in ~ least. It have to be provided that a "nude scenes" variation was made, presumably because that export.A number of stills exist reflecting Santo in bed with a topless Hedy Blue,as well together nude scenes of the vampire women. The "nude version" is notcurrently known to exist. The film begins with 2 wrestling matches: a female tag-team bout,then Blue Demon and Juan Garza face El Gigante Ebano and El Arabe. Santolooks on. Meanwhile, the corpse of foolish scientist Bruno Halder is placedin a crypt; his brothers Otto and also Otto"s daughter Gloria are the onlymourners. As shortly as everyone else leaves, the dwarf Waldo and threegreen-faced zombie break into the crypt and also steal the human body of theirmaster. Blue Demon advises Santo to avoid worrying around Bruno and enjoy hisvacation through Gloria; Blue himself departs because that his holiday. However, ashe drives along a deserted highway, he spots Waldo control a horse-drawnwagon, with the body of Bruno and also the zombies on board. Blue adheres to themto an old castle, and also sneaks inside. Waldo uses Bruno"s own devices torevive the mad physician from the dead. One of the zombies spots Blue Demonand knocks that out. Bruno makes a duplicate the the wrestler and also sends himout, through the zombies, to kill Santo. Santo stop his car in the middle of the highway come kiss Gloria. Reportedly desiring an ext privacy, castle pull into a wooded lane and makeout part more. However, Blue Demon and also the zombies appear. Santo isknocked out and tossed off a cliff; Blue and also the zombie kidnap Gloria andspeed turn off in a car. Santo, who didn"t fall too far, offers chase in hisfancy silver auto. Gloria manages to leap out of the zombies" automobile intoSanto"s. Santo, Gloria and Otto Halder open Bruno"s coffin: it"s empty. "Perhaps your classic rivalry provoked" Blue Demon into joining Bruno,Otto suggests. "We were only rivals in the ring, i can"t find any kind of logicalexplanation ," Santo says. Meanwhile, Blue Demon, Waldoand the zombies room recruiting monsters because that Bruno"s gang: they collect avampire guy (with big ears), and a skinny, ferret-faced mummy. Bruno additionally has a cyclops, a wolfman, and the Frankenstein"s monster (whoappears to be wearing a advertisement monster mask, with the included touch of alittle moustache and also goatee). They are all revitalized and sent to killpeople. The Cyclops is an amphibious creature, killing a fisherman that isworking ~ above his nets. Santo skin-dives and also spots the monster (whose eyelights up and also swivels around) on the bottom the a lake, however their battletakes place on dry land. After a struggle, Santo rams a wooden stake intothe monster"s chest. The Frankenstein"s monster assaults a young pair who are having actually apicnic. He steps on the boy"s face and carries off the girl. Thewerewolf death a campesino and also his wife. The vampire male bites a coupleof young women that then sign up with Bruno"s team. The monsters and also Blue Demon attack Otto, Gloria and also Santo in theHalder house. Gloria, pull on in her baby-doll pajamas, to escape outside,but the vampire male is scared off by a large stone cross. Blue Demon getsa telepathic message from Bruno, ordering him to go back to the castle. Santo is pitted versus a "foreign" wrestler called El Vampiro. Coincidentally, that is Bruno"s vampire attract a tiger-striped mask (in thering, he"s clear impersonated by someone that isn"t so slender). Hestarts to bite Santo but Gloria runs up to the ring and her goldencrucifix provides him turn right into a bat and also fly away. The other monsters showup and also a fight royal erupts in the ring; the spectators operation outscreaming; the lights walk off. Yet once again, the monsters shuffle backto the castle, looking rather sheepish at the truth that lock can"t quitefinish turn off Santo. Later, Santo and also his friends are in a restaurant(where they watch a stock footage music number special Resortes). Assoon together the floor show is over, the monsters assault again (nice ofthem come wait till Resortes finished). This time, they manage to kidnapOtto and also Gloria. The prisoners are taken earlier to the castle whereby Brunoprepares to kill them. But Santo planted a an insect on Frankenstein"s monster;he come at the hideout, defeat the fake Blue Demon (he offers a spikedball ~ above a chain to whack him genuine good, climate tosses the impostor turn off acliff), and also frees the familiar one. Together they destructive the lab, causingfires and also explosions (the monsters at the very least put up a fight, however Bruno andWaldo huddle with each other nervously). Santo, Otto and also Gloria escape as thecastle goes increase in flames. The manufacturing values the Santo y Blue Demon contra losmonstruos are reasonably low, back all things are loved one ofcourse--at the very least the producer sprung for a few pieces of electronicequipment (which it s okay smashed up at the climax), and also they checked out thetrouble the assembling rather a lineup of monsters, instead of justwrestlers v green faces (who execute appear, but the monsters do most of thedirty work). However, the sets and also locations room dull. As listed above,the action sequences are filmed in a slipshod, clumsy manner (withrepeated cut to a closeup the the Cyclops" head, together it roars and moves itseye from next to side). The day-for-night shoot is especially irksome. Interestingly enough, over there is part mild gore, in the werewolf attacksequence and also at the end, when Santo, Gloria, and Otto every stake one ofthe vampire trio. Carlos Ancira is an excellent as the evil Bruno, if JorgeRado and Hedy Blue are adequate. Trivia notes: this film was a family affair for the MartínezSolares family--Gilberto directed it, his brothers Raúl photographedit, and Raúl"s boy "Raulito" has actually a tiny acting role.

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Also ofnote: stunt male Manuel Leal, who plays the "Franquestain" monster here,later became a wrestler under the surname "Tinieblas," and also appeared inSanto"s critical two attributes as a villain.