Sears officials setup to close the save at 21st Street and Yale path in mid-April, however the store’s auto center will continue to be open. TULSA civilization FILE


The Sears store close to the corner of 21st Street and Yale Avenue will close in mid-April, a firm official shown to the Tulsa people Wednesday morning.

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Until then, the store will remain open up to the public with a liquidation sale start on Jan. 6. The Sears Auto center is no closing.

Sears Holdings spokesman Howard Riefs referred to as the decision to close the save at 1901 S. Yale Ave “difficult but necessary.”

“We have been strategically and aggressively evaluating our store space and productivity and also will be increasing the closeup of the door of unprofitable stores together we have actually previously announced,” Riefs claimed in an email. “We regularly hear from our members who room disappointed when we near a store, but our Shop Your means membership platform, websites and also mobile apps enable us to preserve these valued relationships long after a store closes that is doors.

“As a result, we hope to retain a portion of the sales previously associated with this store by keeping our relationships v the members that shopped this location.”

The number of associates is not publicly available, Riefs said, however those associates who room eligible will receive severance and also have the chance to apply for open up positions at area Sears or Kmart stores. Most of the associates are part time and also hourly.

The Tulsa store was one of six Sears shop to close, putting the variety of closures because that the existing fiscal year at 200.

Sears is intended to have actually less than 1,500 stores left by 2017, down nearly 60 percent indigenous its 3,500 stores in 2011, follow to a report from service Insider.

Store officials report a 7.4 percent autumn in sales and also $304 million in shed revenue in the most recent quarter.

The save was the an initial in Tulsa to relocate out of downtown when it left its location at 5th Street and Boulder way in February 1958.

The new location was described as south east Tulsa ago then. The featured 100,000 square feet the retail an are and much more than 50 departments. It also had a cafeteria to offer meals come its 500 employees and also customers.

That building, however, was imploded in 1998 in donate of a new store 60 feet east of the old one and also connected to surrounding stores.

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