10 Feb Valentine’s work Gift Idea, Discount Code: Send A Sexy Pantygram with Love Notes: Sponsored

Rose space red. Violets are… blah, blah, blah! Why not acquire to the suggest this Valentine’s Day and also send her beau a super-sexy Pantygram. Your far-ranging other will absolutely know what you will do it be wanting this V-Day v a little wink in the type of a red heart-shaped panty!

Pantygram founder, Debbie Augustine, began the company because she was motivated by a pair the panties she mailed to a boyfriend twenty years ago. When Augustine ran right into the man years later, he was still raving about the experience, for this reason she determined to rotate her concept into a business.

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To obtain started, you’ll be able to choose your spicy message based on how risqué you want to be: Mild, Flirty, Wild, Exotic or Erotic. When your lucky male or gal obtain his/her Pantygram, castle will be able to read the spicy fastened message, which will instruct them come go online at sendapantygram.com to uncover out what various other risque love notes room waiting. You’ll additionally be notified that your distinct person has actually opened the digital message, for this reason you can be ready as soon as they call!

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And don’t think this sexy surprised is simply for the most romantic day of the year! You can send a Pantygram for all occasions, consisting of birthdays, anniversaries and also when you just want to spice points up.

The Pantygram prices $24.95, but our friends in ~ sendapantygram.com are providing us a special Valentine’s Day discount that $5.00 OFF if you use the code: save5now

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So, will any type of of you beauties be forgoing the chocolates and also cards this year and also send a Pantygram?

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