Sergey Kovalev that Russia (center) through his mother and with former NHL player Alexei Kovalev following his second win end Jean Pascal at the Bell center in Montreal, Canada. Picture by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

It to be a slow, methodical, chilling beat-down.

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Sergey Kovalev punished Jean Pascal for 7 rounds, unleashing a torrent of punches as payback ~ Pascal had hurled accusations that Kovalev was racist in the pre-fight buildup.

Pascal’s trainer, Freddie Roach, stopped the hit after the seventh round after Pascal absorbed a frightful beating Saturday in ~ the Bell center in Montreal.

Kovalev maintained his three light heavyweight titles prior to an announced crowd of 9,866 in a return of their March fight, additionally won by Kovalev.

Kovalev admitted climate he want to punish Pascal.

“This to be personal,” Kovalev claimed in the ring afterward. “Yes I would fight an ext rounds and punish him more … i don’t respect him in ~ all. And never . He’s not an excuse for a man. I punish a no great person and also everyone understands.

“Hey, he didn’t get past the seventh round. He lost the bet, $50,000 (referring to an alleged pre-fight wager that Pascal wouldn’t make it previous Round 8).”

After the fight, WBC light heavyweight champion Adonis Stevenson rushed at Kovalev in the ring and had to be “restrained” in what seemed choose choreographed, stage-managed behavior.

The win allows Kovalev (29-0-1, 26 knockouts) to move one action closer to facing former super middleweight kingpin Andre Ward (28-0, 15 KOs). The two have reportedly signed to fight in November on HBO Pay-Per-View, noted Ward wins his struggle on march 26.

The fight on Saturday wasn’t competitive native the opened bell.

Kovalev seemed to hit Pascal down through a jab in the first but the referee, Michael Griffin, ruled it a slip. Pascal responded moments later on by landing a left hook. A replay ~ above HBO showed that it was a clean knockdown: Kovalev landed a sharp jab after ~ Pascal landing his and also Pascal collapsed.

Kovalev casually stalked Pascal in the second, landing jabs and also chopping overhand legal rights that seemed to skid off the top of Pascal’s head.

Both fighters visited the canvas in the 3rd after awkwardly clinching.

Pascal’s foot looked unstable in the third, despite he did land a solid left in the final minute that the round. The 2 traded punches to finish the third after Kovalev had dominated most of it.

Pascal quit punching for many of the 4th as Kovalev landing his complete arsenal that punches. Pascal to be in complete retreat. Boy name Hopkins defined Kovalev’s onslaught together “torture” ~ above the HBO commentary.

Kovalev staggered Pascal through a right in the fifth as Pascal sagged versus the ropes, nearly going down. Kovalev looked to it is in punishing Pascal, patiently stalking and landing sweeping rights and lefts as Pascal skittered away. The referee could have stopped the fight at any allude in the 5th and few would have actually argued.

Roach almost stopped the fight after the sixth; he actually instructed the referee to store an eye on Pascal if he absorbed too lot punishment in the seventh. Yet he finished up taking matters into his very own hands.

Pascal (30-4-1, 17 KOs) accused Kovalev of being racist in the run-up come fight and almost came to blows through Kovalev trainer man David Jackson at the last press conference ~ above Wednesday ~ he gave Jackson a banana and also ridiculed the for functioning for a fighter who didn’t respect him due to the fact that of his skin color. Jackson protected Kovalev as not racist.

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