, N.Y. — Shaquille O’Neal make a name for self as among the most leading players to ever before pick up a basketball.

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The four-time NBA champion and also Hall that Fame facility was recognized for his demoralizing dunks that often left his adversaries in shame. Yet why did that dunk the sphere with so lot force?

Turns out, it’s related to two things: his father’s difficult love and former basketball star Rony Seikaly.

During a current interview ~ above “All the Smoke,” a weekly podcast series hosted by former NBA players Matt Barnes and also Stephen Jackson, O’Neal said he never wanted come dunk once he remained in high school. Instead, he wanted to play through finesse prefer Magic Johnson.


At the 18:15 note of the interview, O’Neal recalled a video game from high school when he attempted come finger roll a layup but missed, causing his father, Phillip Harrison (a former U.S. Military drill sergeant), to walk on the court and also call timeout. O’Neal said he was taken outside, where Harrison smacked him and told him to “be Shaquille O’Neal” instead of mimicking Johnson.

“That’s as soon as I started dunking,” O’Neal said. “And the reason why I’ve always dunked so fierce is due to the fact that I to be mad at him and I want to tear the rim down. But it was just regular dunks. So climate I would certainly go home and also he’s do me watch college games, and also I’m city hall play. Sherman Douglas throw it come Rony Seikaly and also he dunks it however he’s getting his foot up.

“I stated OK. Therefore the next game, mine father to be there and also I’m dunking and getting my foot up. What ns learned from the is people started (hunching over). I claimed ‘Ahh, OK. (laughs). I gained something there.’ therefore that’s once I began dunking, dunking, dunking and dominating.”

Seikaly played facility at for four years, including on the 1987 men’s last Four team during his junior season. He average 16.3 points and 9.6 rebounds together a senior. Seikaly to be drafted through the No. 9 choose by the Miami warmth in 1988 and also went on to have an 11-year job in the NBA.


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