The male narrator in this tune of melancholy regret is declare he"s all set to relocate on now that his ex is marrying one more man. Yet he can"t aid thinking the if only she would have cried in former of him to present how pained she was, maybe he"d have changed his ways and also they"d still be together.

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This was created by Keith in addition to Bobby Pinson. The duo additionally wrote Keith"s single "She"s A Hottie." amongst the other songwriting credits Pinson has actually is "Want To" and "All I want To Do" by Sugarland and "We Weren"t Crazy" by mock Gracin.
Toby Keith attributed Pinson, who also co-wrote several various other songs ~ above the album, with inspiring him to build his songwriting. He described to Billboard magazine: "He just talks differently and also he"s real inspiring for me to compose with. He just says things differently, his options of words and also everything, and he look at the people through a different collection of eyes. He came out below on the road and we hit it off appropriate off the bat. He really inspires me to desire to compose more."
Toby Keith called the story of this tune on the press release for That Don"t make Me a bad Guy: "We (Toby Keith and Bobby Pinson) to be at my house; an initial thing I"ve ever before written on a piano. Every little thing I"ve ever recorded I"ve created on guitar. We had actually this idea and were playing it in mine office top top guitars and also he said, "I need to borrow your piano a minute." So we went in and also sat in ~ the piano. He started playing and also as we composed it, the tune took ~ above a whole different approach. By the time we were excellent it had actually an old absent anthem ballad, Journey type of feel. ~ I taped it I had actually three different world call me and also say it reminded castle of Coldplay, i beg your pardon I recognize nothing about. Ns couldn"t call you one of their songs. However we"d have actually never taped it that method if we"d created it top top guitar."

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Kylee from Hartford, CtThanks for the infomation. I discovered this song on itunes and put that on mine ipod and I have been make the efforts to discover out who he was talking about. This info helps a lot!!!!see an ext comments
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A crucial line in "Africa" is "I look for to cure what"s deep inside, fearful of this thing that I"ve become," i beg your pardon is around drifting away from what friend really want in life. Toto keyboard player David Paich, who wrote the song, feeling his work-related was spend him.

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