Sherlock Holmes x leader - no on the Couch!

A/N: i can’t write Smut, dunno why XD yet here is some…of it fine at the very least a tiny little of smut nothing to visual i guess.Requested by
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What had to be a solitary kiss turned out to be entirety make outsession ~ above the couch of the level of 221 b Baker Street.

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Sherlock was all tensed up since his recent Case. It was aparticular difficult one, a real difficulty for his mind, but he needed a break.

Getting his psychic off totally for just a moment. This iswhen you come from work. Her (Y/H/C/) hair that as soon as was in a practiced braidwas currently hanging in strands roughly your face, the jacket friend had above the lightblue blouse currently hang roughly your arm and also you kicked of your office shoes.

Throwing the jacket right into the next corner, you undid thebraid and also opened a couple of buttons of your blouse.

“I am finally home.” friend sighed as you satellite on the couchbeside Sherlock. The guy looked at you native the corners the his blue eyes.

“Hard day at work?” he asked as he turned about to faceyou.

“Like always, anyway, exactly how is the instance going?” you asked backand Sherlock shrugged his shoulders not daring to look over the photos from thecrime scenes that sprawled everywhere the coffee table.

A small smile grazed her lips as you obtained closer toSherlock and also placed your lips top top his chapped once.

He closed his eyes as he enjoyed the feeling of her softlips on his however groaned as you pulled away from him method too soon for hisliking.

Before you might say a word, he pulled you onto his lap and also kissedyou when again. This time an ext needy. You wanted to gain off the him however hishands organize your hips down, therefore you made decision to roll through it.

His lips traveled under to your neck, gradually kissing his waydown to your exposed collarbone. Through a sigh girlfriend let her hands wander over hisshoulder under to the very first button that his purple shirt.

As Sherlock grazed her sweet spot girlfriend let the end a moan whileyou fumbled with the button. A low chuckle escaped his neck at her badattempt to complimentary him native his clothes.

“A bit eager, aren’t we?” the hummed into your ear, makingyou pout a bit at that.

“Hey genius you started it.” girlfriend mumbled ago trailing yourlips to his ear, do him shiver slightly.

Slowly, he let walk of her waist as he guided her hands awayfrom his shirt prior to he undid every solitary one of castle in sluggish motion.

This guy loved to tease you and also you hated him for it however atthe exact same time appreciated it much more than you most likely should. You just couldn’tresist those big blue eye of his eyes together he eyed friend while he exposed hischest to you.

Biting your lips, you slowly traced under his chest come hisbelt while the undid the critical buttons of her blouse and exposing your (Y/F/C)bra.

Again, her lips connected into a heated kiss as you pressedyourself up to the Detective together he obtained hold onto her back, traveling up thesoft skin until he reached to the clips of her bra. Just as he opened it andlet it fall to the ground the door come the apartment opened.

John, totally unaware of come what happened behind thedoor, to walk in with wide eyes together he experienced Sherlock and also you fifty percent naked top top thecouch.

Sherlock conveniently pulled his shirt over your exposedshoulders together you gained up native his lap, while man turned roughly not wanting toimagine what the would watch if he had actually come house later.

“Come on, not on the Couch! there are civilization who desire to sitthere.” john grumbled trying to forget what he had witnessed moment ago.

“You weren’t claimed to be here for one more three hours.”Sherlock declared like naught happened. Meanwhile you satellite on the couch brightred through Sherlock’s purple shirt approximately your top half.

“Bloody Hell, I’ll never acquire this the end of mine head.” Johnmurmured, rubbing his eyes as if it could assist to erase his memory., ignoringthe comment the his best friend.

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“Next time just knock before you enter.” was Sherlocks onlyreplay but John offered him a look.