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Gil to be awesome here. You see his significant side and his team was the underdog. And, have you listened to his song, Going Home? Amazing.

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Flowsik is so goodlooking! But, personally, i am rooting for Cjamm and Reddy.

Jesus Christ Reddy, G2 has a family.... Really favored the last performance and song indigenous both team. I agree with the selections the producer produced who will obtain to perform with them. I agree through end an outcome tbh.

yeah poor guy gained wrecked yes, really hard...and the constant mistakes of forget lyric didn't assist him too...

anyway anyone recognize the location of the music video clip of Cjamm the Bewhy supplied in his diss?

Since the last team mission flowsik has really impressed me. I think favoritism go play a factor in the producers' choices, yet the gil/madclown phase wound up being so good. Myundo has been a favourite of mine, however he didn't really admire me here.

Show me the money illustration 8 is coming out! here:

This to be a long episode. No complaining. Cjamm and also Bewhy were HS buddies. That HS pic of Cjamm, haha he looked sooo uhhmm un-Cjamm-ish. Bewhy looks specifically the same tho.

Awws, to #gun.

WTH, Reddy auditioned for BTS, nope, can't seem that in it. Captured me off guard v that one.

Personally, I favored AOMG's track (Comfortable), it's just an ext my style yet no lie, I nearly shed a tear for Gil/Mad Clown's song (fly?). Together of now, i think I'm agreeing with the judges on the outcome.

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Funniest Moment: when Kush inquiry Seo Chulgo come diss him. Haahhz

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