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While dresses vary a lot, you deserve to really only go one of three ways when it comes to length:

Short, medium, or long.

There are more facility terms, yet we’ll leave it at that.

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Most the the dresses we check out in The Sims are quite short, and also that’s fine. Yet sometimes you desire the elegance and style that deserve to only be achieved by a dress that stops somewhere below the knee.

This no to say we must go ago to Victorian dress codes, mind you. The all about the watch now, no repression.

And with so numerous incredible CC choices available, you could soon discover your mods folder complete of dresses that practically touch the floor!

Love assignment Dress


Check out This CC

I hope her Sims no in a hot season best now, due to the fact that you’re gonna desire to usage this dress ASAP.

If lock live in Oasis Springs, just move castle out!

It’s rare that Sims clothing gets me an ext excited than actual clothing. But this CC is just crazy good.

The flowing dress is layered end a short-sleeve turtleneck top, and is fastened in ~ the waist with buttons.

It’s obtainable in heavy swatches as well as some patterns, including birds, flowers, dots, and houndstooth. Every one of the colors, both with the dress itself and the pullover beneath, are unspeakably cute.

This creator, Trillyke, has actually a far far better understanding the what color combos work well 보다 I do.

Casual Prairie Dress


Check out This CC

Ever desire to pretend the it’s 1884 and you live in a frontier town through a populace of 100?

No? That’s just me?

Well, that’s okay. Also if you aren’t living out your prairie lifestyle desires through The Sims 4, this dress will still work for contemporary folks.

Most the the swatches pair floral or plaid tops with lighter colored skirts, i beg your pardon is the bread and butter of any type of country girl’s wardrobe.

The exact same tops paired through gray or brown skirts will be great for those who want a darker, possibly goth vibe.

Shape through Bow Gown


Check out This CC

Jeez, this dress makes all of the real ones I’ve ever before had look like a potato sack in comparison.

That structure is just too real!

Not literally, though – this is a an excellent choice because that you Maxis enhance fans. I just love every customs of this.

The design makes it look favor it’s actually flowing, and it’s for this reason silky.

And normally I’m no a pan of large things top top dresses. However this bow yes, really fits in so well. It’s nicely tied throughout the front prefer a belt, and also it sits strong and proud versus your Sim’s back.

There space twenty five equally affluent colors for you to choose from as well.

While ns imagine you’ll largely use this for formal occasions, yes sir no doubt your Sim will certainly be the best-dressed one around.

Winter Bloom Dress


Check out This CC

There room so many details and customizations that have the right to be made to a dress.

That’s what renders them for this reason beloved and long-lasting, i think.

Whether the the cut, material form or pattern, belts, buttons, or a million other tiny alterations – you’re tied to uncover something because that every sim you play.

With this dress, the the collar and also sleeves that stand out.

They definitely add a particular charm to the outfit, and also the creator was genius to enhance them.

Dark pink v light pink, hard black versus black polka dots, floral against lilac.

They every seem like great choices for a cute feather or summer dress!

Eveline Maxi Dress


Check the end This CC

I’ve often discovered that the ideal CC clothes are actually tweaked main clothes.

Simmers just have actually the eye to spot points that need a little editing, favor this basegame dress.

Purrsephone, the excellent creator here, just removed the huge flowers and also improved the texture. Well, I have to say it seems simple. It probably wasn’t, and it’s an ext than I have the right to do in any kind of case.

The suggest is the the results are stunning.

This dress maintains its high cut and also length, yet looks much far better and more modern. That knew other could become dated so easily as the initial did?

There space 48 swatches full here, including 8 v a truly gorgeous floral pattern.

Pretty Breezy Dress


Check the end This CC

This is precisely what i envision when someone talks about maxi dresses.

Maybe not literally this exact creation, yet definitely the style.

The ankle-length cut, ruffled top, and also belted waist really bring together every the best things about these sorts of dresses.

The cool watch of flexibility just can not be understated.

Everyone will recognize your center is not a festival to be messed with.

That’s simply the vibe i get. I can’t tell friend why, but I love it. This is actually among my an individual go-to costume for mine Sims, especially for summer photoshoots or cookouts!

Fiore Dress


Check out This CC

Here’s another great example of exactly how the details do the dress.

Up top, there space thin straps tied in neat tiny bows, and exposed shoulders. Then the center is cinched with one more tie, and buttons line the front.

The mesh itself is beautiful, with few of the best wrinkles, slight ruffling, and shading you’ll ever see.

Of course, the swatches deserve to never it is in overlooked as soon as it comes to CC.

There space 19 solids and also 15 fads here, which means endless exploring in CAS.

Freya Dress


Check the end This CC

For once you want your sim to present a tiny skin however keep some length, this is the perfect dress.

It’s actually one of the longest here, going straight to the ground.

But at the top, it is a deep V-neck almost down come the navel, and has a straightforward strap approximately the neck.

Since girlfriend can’t really pair cardigans or shawls through dresses in The Sims 4, make sure it’s pretty weather!

Kristina Dress


Check out This CC

These are the sort of costume I just can’t get enough of.

And v so numerous gorgeous swatches, you never ever will either.

The style itself is somewhat retro, with a usual high neck top and also long skirt.

But the colors and also patterns placed a modern spin on an old classic. And that’s something that will always be a win combo.

There are plenty the solids v this dress to fit all your demands – weddings, funerals, holidays, extraterrestrial abductions – whatever.

You simply can’t go wrong with a basic cut and pretty colors.

All of the patterned swatches will certainly make for an excellent everyday dresses. And all of the fruits and flowers bring a exorbitant feminine feel.

Sequined Silk Gown


Check the end This CC

When it come to sophisticated dresses, this one will be difficult to top.

I mean, what’s better than sequins!?

This dress, perfect because that curvy Sims, has the many breathtaking cascading effect. The means it truly seems to sparkle simply blows my mind.

Every swatch obtainable here is nearly too an excellent to be true – you’ll because that sure have trouble picking which one to walk with!

But no matter what, this will certainly be a killer choice for a myriad of officially events and parties.

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