The self explained 'international superstar' speak to Kochie and Nat in ~ Brekky main about what attendees can expect.

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Cabaret star and also Sunrise favourite Hans is embarking top top a special new tour the is collection to blow regional Australia away.

The self-described “international superstar, sex symbol, accordionist and Berlin boy-wonder” is hosting sing-a-long screenings the the standard 1960s Julie Andrews film The Sound the Music.

Watch Hans speak to Sunrise about the sing-a-long screenings above

Called Sing-A-Long-A Sound of Music, the event is described as “a fantastically fun night out that consists of a costume parade with prizes, adhered to by a screening the The Sound of Music with song lyrics therefore everyone can sing-a-long.”

“I’m going about the whole country with the ideal movie ever, ever, ever made,” Hans said Sunrise.

Hans is hitting the road for a Sound of Music sing-a-long tour. Credit: Supplied“Everybody naipublishers.comes in costume, we provide everybody a little goodie bag, there’s points to litter at the screen,” he said of what attendees can expect.

“Together fine boo the Nazis, we’ll hiss the Baroness, we’ll cheer for Maria... What a night it’s going to be! and don’t you think it’s time we all have a an excellent old-fashioned laugh again!?”

While Hans’ usual cabaret stage shows deserve to be rather risqué, he says this one if fit for the entirety family.

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“This is ultimately the present that i’m doing the you can lug everybody - girlfriend can carry your an elderly citizen grandma, friend can bring your five-year-old child.”

“I always say to kids who haven’t viewed The Sound that Music that their parents have to be reported,” that joked.

Hans shot come fame ~ above America’s got Talent and also regularly appears on Sunrise. Credit: Supplied

Screening Dates

5 may - Regent Cinemas, Ballarat, VIC5 June - Karralyka Centre, Ringwood, VIC19 June - BCC Cinemas, Coffs Harbour, NSW25 June - town Cinemas, Bendigo, VIC26 June - Lighthouse Theatre, Warnambool, VIC3 July - event Cinemas, Pacific Fair, QLD10 July - better Union, Wollongong, NSW16 July - BCC Cinemas, Townsville Central, QLD17 July - BCC Cinemas, Cairns Earlville, QLD23 July - BCC Cinemas, Rockhampton North, QLD24 July - Moncrieff entertainment Centre, Bundaberg QLD31 July - village Cinemas Frankston , VIC6 august - village Cinemas, Hobart, TAS7 respectable - village Cinemas, Launceston, TAS21 august - Sydney Coliseum Theatre, West HQ Rooty Hill, NSW27 august - event Cinemas, Innaloo, WA28 august - occasion Cinemas, Innaloo, WATickets are accessible now indigenous