Liam Payne has uncovered his own path independent of One Direction since going solo after your hiatus in 2015. Regardless of that, though, he has remained publicly in touch and also supportive of other members the the band. Payne asserted who he thought was the finest singer in One Direction the end of himself, harry Styles, louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and Zayn Malik.


Liam Payne | Lauren Hurley/PA pictures via Getty Images

Liam Payne started his career with One Direction top top ‘The X Factor’

Payne endured to the following round that The X Factor in 2010 when auditioning as a solo artist. However, some people might no remember that Payne actually initially auditioned top top the show in 2008 when he was just 14 year old. Simon Cowell didn’t think Payne was ready to move forward just yet, but he provided Payne his approval two years later.

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Payne shone brightly ~ above The X Factor once singing together his One Direction band members. He often had solos, which placed a spotlight on his masterful voice at together a young age.

As Payne thrived with the band, he began writing more with Tomlinson. The two uncovered their songwriting voices creatively as they placed out an ext and an ext albums v One Direction.

But who did Payne think was the finest singer in the band?

Liam Payne stated Zayn Malik is the finest singer native One Direction

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In 2015, Malik determined to leaving One Direction after five years through the band. Payne spoke to brothers GQ in 2019 around Malik’s decision and even named him the finest singer in the band.

“For Zayn, that loves music and he’s an remarkable talent,” Payne praised his former band member. “He genuinely to be the ideal singer in One Direction, hand on heart, the end of all of us.”

Payne continued: “His streaming numbers room ridiculous but I execute think that misses out on the power side a bit, friend know. That can’t it seems to be ~ to obtain past the part.”

The singer claimed that he also reached the end to Malik after that left the band.

“I didn’t want him come feel like he to be going v this all alone in some ways, or that us were all out to gain him,” the said. “We’re the only civilization who understand what you’re walking through. The only five human being who recognize what you are going with were every in a room together once, and also you left – fair sufficient – however you don’t desire anyone going through such malice for no reason.”

“But it got to a allude with me whereby I wouldn’t understand where to start with Zayn,” Payne reflected. “I hope he has an excellent people about him, yet I don’t at this stage think it’s anything the remainder of us have the right to solve.”

Here’s what Liam Payne has actually done since One Direction’s hiatus

Payne released his very first post One Direction single in 2017 dubbed “Strip the Down” through Quavo. He has actually collaborated with other artists ~ above his singles, such as Zedd, J Balvin, French Montana, and Cheat Codes.

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His an initial solo album, LP1, came out in December 2019. He has actually released 2 EPs: First Time and Midnight Hour.